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  1. Certainly listening at midnight on my stoop, then off to a creek in the morning. With this year so wrong, this experience must go right!
  2. Damn, my Venice Bitch rant was inspired by some serious greenery but I said what I said and that's that on that. But Greatest and HiaB come back to me very frequently. Bartender is my ride home song, and NFR plays about everyday. But Venice, its her. Also yes Lana's current status is sort of crazy. She has the number one trending video and most discussed act between 3 superstars meanwhile this album is just cruising proving her worth to doubters. It didn't need to do that but it did
  3. Will this post be top of page 200?? Who knows...but what I do know is that Venice Bitch is best on the album and we need to continue this debate. My god the instrumentation, the journey it takes you on, the memories you havent lived yet displaying on the dashboard as you cruise. The lyrics, the lived in feeling she personifies, as though she truly knows this kind of song needed to be made for those who need it. Epic. Beautiful. Venice bitch. Who's runner up or tied? <keep in mind I adore this masterpiece> The Greatest gets runner up
  4. Listened to it twice so far, you can tell Lana knew she was about to ride a high cus shes having a blast and steals the song. Girl knew her album would be busy having a moment
  5. I mean I legit understand the point, but The Greatest and Venice Bitch are both on this album, and bartender sneaks in the back soooooo. LFL had 13 Beaches, Get Free, Love, and Tomorrow Never came (get off me) as my jams but NFR is like this consistent step up to so many things she has done
  6. Theres things I wanna say to you... Jk love what you love,LFL had it's own place in my heart but this, this is it.
  7. I love how The Greatest is the greatest "shut down anything" song. Bar closing? Greatest. End of a relationship? Greatest. World ending? The Greatest
  8. Yup yup yup. The album ends with HiaB many times for me. Hope is that gut punch, and the trio of Bartender to HiaB to Hope is really rough, an extremely sad slide inward. Still love it, its just... alot
  9. Driving home from work and exited the car just as HTD was starting. Damn if I didnt walk in and play it through. Bells still throw me, but I imagine her own reaction to hearing them and smiling so they can stay. HTD, the underdog of the whole album Also props to the queen of stable sales and great numbers.
  10. I agree, glad she stood ground, as I agreed with the critics sentiment that its Lana's job to defend her art (at least how I interpreted it) so everyone chill, shes not bullying. However if she wants to drop a video to distract everyone then by all means...
  11. Yup. Vibing to Melanie (getting used to it, some great songs on there) and Grimes' Violence is such an anger sway bop, but NFR calls me each time after awhile. Its...hard to describe as I'm sure you've all experienced. Like Frankenstein's monster to a violin, I always return to the sound of peace.
  12. You guys are so cute Stuck at work so I couldnt partake but you guys make me smile. What a queen
  13. Facebook comments on pitchforks score on their page has me rolling. The lack of taste, lack of support. Our girl is definitely still an underdog, still ours to support fiercely
  14. Did you read it yet? Just finished, very elegantly written and quite beautiful in itself. Glowing for sure and I couldnt agree more on their sentiment about The Greatest.
  15. She done did it!!!! Dayum girl go ahead! It's just, I mean we've all heard it. ITS ART
  16. Started with NFR just a bit ago and wanted to jump to Love Song but immediately thought, "damn that's some disrespect to the crew" so I sat happily through MAC to Doin Time. Wish DT had the musical interlude that's in the video. It's so painful to skip songs currently.
  17. My favorite part of the song. She sounds so pouty and unhappy that she'll just torch your house and stomp off in the street afterward and I support this attitude.
  18. To touch on the Target thing, I used to work there for years up until a few months ago-trust me they definitely never plan on someone like lana burning sales as she is, we'd get like 3 boxes of 25 and there you go. Taylor on the other hand we got tons of all the time, whether they sold or not as all the extras would also sell out by the time we got to black friday night. They dont keep cds very long anymore so Lana stays sold out sometimes
  19. Just finished another run through and I'm getting California now, especially if you apply the Barrie narrative, the lyrics kill. Bartender is definitely the belle of the ball, shes beautiful and a little sultry. And TNBAR is honestly still great, lyrics work hard for me on a strangely specific personal level and when those plates drop wheeewww I wanna throw something with her. This is an ALBUM!
  20. Idk why I'm struggling with California. It's just not sitting with me the way the rest are. I feel like the lyrics havent sunken in for me yet, or I just havent watched the right sunset with it.
  21. Bartender followed by HiaB is a rough 1-2 punch of sadness. Bartender superior (current favorite) but both are out to wreck you.
  22. Havent been able to look up lyrics so I legit have no clue what she says whatsoever but Cinnamon Girl SLAPS!
  23. I...damn I'm so excited for everyone to wake up tomorrow. I'm still getting over this album and she just drops a brick on us like coyote on a roadrunner wtf
  24. OMFG I JUST READ WHAT YALL BEEN WRITING!!!That tricky bitch lol omg yes
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