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  1. I have a few favorites Natasha - Rufus Wainright All I Know - Art Garfunkle Breathe Me - Sia Til I Get Over You, It's You - both by Michelle Branch, one after another on Hotel Paper About Her - Malcolm McLaren Shiver - Lucy Rose all of The XX's first album. Harsh Realm Widowspeak Sunsets & Car Crashes - Spill Canvas I Lost All My Money At The Cockfights & Pachuca Sunrise - Minus the Bear there are some others but these are some of my main lullabies
  2. so happy about this! I love Violets so much, was overjoyed to get my hardcover and cassette in, and I can't wait to get a lil cash saved up to buy the pink rose sweatshirt! so adorable.
  3. jvsminefempop

    Miley Cyrus

    tears streaming down my FACE, I needed this but I didn't know how goddamn bad, someone HELP ME
  4. jvsminefempop

    Miley Cyrus

    I want people to stop hoping leaked unreleased stuff makes it onto any official albums. we've HEARD IT. why would you waste potential new content just to get your favorite unreleased track on an album? gahhhh
  5. lemme preface by saying I'm not the biggest Ariana stan or anything but I can confidently say I love most of her music up til now. took me awhile to get into her as I couldn't get past the donut situation for awhile but now that I have I pretty much stream all her albums and then download as much live stuff that I can find from fans who make audio sets. she's fantastic live and with a full band. I don't really obsess over her every move tho as far as music videos and fashion, social media posts etc. so here's my pretty unbiased opinion of positions. cute, legit feels a little disney it's sexy but also again, pretty cute. I expected this to be another sensual Dangerous Women-esque song. I'm not disappointed tho, it's a fun little romp in the sheets I was a little bored with this one til Doja came on, I won't lie I love this one, I really feel the positivity and the self-love, and I love the magic metaphor, talking about meditation and manifestation...as a semi-practicing pagan, I loved it was disappointed with this one. I feel like she thinks she did somethin and I was just real bored just unnecessary. should be an unreleased track that leaks as a track rumored for this album. I forgot about this song the instant it was over wanted to love this one, but by the time I got through most of it, I was fully convinced that Ariana is about to come as trans-racial. when 7 Rings dropped and she said 'like my hair? gee thanks, just bought it' people blew the f up and I kind of thought 'okay but she is specifically known for her long ponytail, which is most certainly purchased, so I personally don't see the issue' but idk, with the 'usually don't let people touch it' line, that's like....specifically a Black issue, people asking to touch your hair. it just seems really weird that she's adopting this as an issue she has. more on this later after 4 semi-cringey songs, I was relieved with this one, kind of. I have my issues with it but I enjoy a good meaningless sex track, and after 34+35, I really wanted one like this another forgetable one see above easily the best track on the album, and I loved it immediately as a single. it's definitely a little basic but it's super catchy. I also think it could have been on thank u, next this one ain't it either another cute disney-ish track overall, I'm a little disappoined. I think most of these songs are only going to be enjoyable to longtime stans who really enjoy letting Ariana be Ariana, and that's okay. I think positions could have been an ep of the best songs or she should have rereleased thank u, next with a few songs as deluxe tracks. I didn't expect to agree with the majority of the people here saying it was boring, the production was lacking creativity, and the lyrics were weak, but I actually kind of agree. I'm usually fine with Ari not being the greatest lyricist(did I spell that right? it's frickin late 😅) bc her production and vocals are usually so sick but I just...felt nothing. sweetener and thank u, next felt so incredibly personal. 'we go like up til I'm 'sleep on your chest' is so ridiculous but I still effing FELT that. she shit on Scooter Braun for forcing her to release ghostin and that shit was literally pure magic, I was sobbing at the fcking bus stop when I heard it the first time. yet I seriously felt like she's more proud of singing off the table and it is just so inferior. gahhh. and to my main concern... I used to be a raging liberal, and over the last few years I've mellowed out and am kind of of the opinion that there are a LOT of people that are indeed sitting around waiting to be offended. when Ari dropped 7 Rings and people freaked out about the hair stuff, the trap house, etc, I brushed them off. then we saw the cover for thank u, next. she's in straight up blackface. that scandal passed of course bc she was on top of the world and the album slapped but I'm sorry... her attempt to 'sound black' is egregious at this point. almost every song had some cringeworthy fake-ebonics blaccent moment and on top of the not letting ppl touch her hair line, I'm starting to see what people mean. all in all, I'm not saying I think the album is a flop but I definitely think it's her worst, and a career low. I think it would be very wise of her to drop an EP of new songs in about 5-7 months prior to a world tour(if those are going on by then), and she usually does collabs and features and soundtrack stuff so... I have hope for this era. but damn... was really hoping for some new fire tonight. I'll probably give it a few more listens and I'm REALLY hoping it grows on me. it really bums me out to be disappointed by this much content that I was excited for. this is the biggest let down since I found out BLACKPINK's first album was called The Album and only had eight gd tracks. we got folklore and how i'm feeling now and I Disagree and Violents Bent Backwards and Miley's rock era is starting this year so I guess SOMETHING bad had to happen. the pop gods giveth and the pop gods taketh away.
  6. I mean I won't lie, I'm certainly no music theory major or anything but I would argue that 'outside the contemporary' constitutes a genre, even if that genre is ever changing. but I wouldn't say 'outside one artists comfort zone' constitutes a genre. Taylor Swift experimenting with pop didn't make her pop-country fusion sound 'experimental' the way that music outside of popular music on the radio is experimental. again, my own personal opinion and I'm certainly no expert. I just would not consider what Ariana has ever done, besides maybe the light is coming, to be experimental compared to other artists.
  7. dunno that I 100% agree with this but I do love your signature 💗 sweetener was experimental for Ari but I would never call it experimental pop. it was just a really well rounded pop album seemingly inspired by multiple other genres, experimental included. just my opinion tho
  8. agreed. can't speak to the stuff about her personality or personal life that someone recently shared here, I had no idea about any of that, but I honestly don't give a shit if she keeps doing stuff like what she did with Experiment on Me. her and Miley going full rock at the same time would just be -chef's kiss-
  9. positions is nothing special necessarily, like it's not revolutionary pop, but for some reason i really love it. her voice is just never not enjoyable and everything she's done since god is a woman is so addictive. I love the really subtle whistle note towards the end. it's been on repeat since last night pretty much. very excited to work this into my work playlist. between this serve, Ari's upcoming album, Miley's upcoming album, Lana delivering Violets, LMLYLAW and cocctober being recognized, Poppy's Inferno being released, Haley's upcoming book, all the Taylor Swift merch I have coming... I'm fucking LIVING right now!!!
  10. jvsminefempop


    same! I really loved too how I think Rosé said that the only difference between American pop acts and kpop is the amount of time they spend training. there's something in me that just...for some reason thrives knowing there's a literal pop bootcamp. call me crazy haha.
  11. same, Team Middle. i get that artists owe their careers to their fans but that doesn't mean we own them, and i definitely get the sense some users here feel that they own her. the stuff i see some of the users here saying is just absolutely out of line. calls to drag and cancel her and her friends/team members, all bc they don't feel obligated to meet every fan who claims to be dying, etc? begging for content and then saying the content is so bad they'd have preferred nothing? some of the most entitled individuals on the planet right now are popgirl stans. i get being frustrated about being given dates and being given nothing as the date passes by but some people really be acting like they suffer from borderline personality disorder with the way they build people up and so viciously tear them down at one sign of disappointment. so many people here seem to need some serious therapy with the way female celebs are running their lives...
  12. yeah, no one NEEDS it. they went out of audio-style for a reason. they're huge. BUT...they sound better, to audiophiles. if you're listening to vinyl on a genuine turntable from the 80s or earlier, with a nice set of speakers from the 90s or earlier, you CAN tell the difference. i grew up with a father who is really into vintage audio and so while i can't fully describe these sound differences (my dad could), i do know they're there. but of course no one these days really care much about THAT. vinyl is simply to sell more albums, that's all. the music industry sees this hipster desire for classic things and so they make cassettes and vinyls again. i personally appreciate the artists who put out albums or eps ONLY on vinyl or cassette. AllieX put out Super Sunset analog on only cassette and Poppy put out Choke on only cassette. it can be fun, especially since they do include a digital version of the ep usually. but yeah. no one needs vinyl. the music industry is taking advantage.
  13. I hate to be this asshole, kind of, but you see all this horrible shit happening to good people and all this awesome shit, like being president, happen to terrible people, and you're worried god's gunna strike you down for some mean thoughts? god hasn't found the time or energy to strike down Trump or Biden for being actual predators but he's gunna strike us down for hoping Trump dies? bad thoughts=god's wrath is how they brainwashed you into being a good little girl or boy. don't let their fearmongering fairytale control you as an adult.
  14. please be that person. Lana is incredibly talented but certainly not the first female pop artist to write some poetry. not saying Taylor is the first either but she wrote and recorded her own poetry in 2017, and it was heard at her 2018 reputation tour, accompanied by video. it's about high time for Peter Pan and his lost boys to grow up. Halsey and Mariah are both queens. let them rule their own queendoms thank you.
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