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  1. not sure if someone already has picked up on this (cba to read through everything) but that last line is her life embodied into a phrase, she's playing out her own creation in her mind out in real life - does that make sense? lol it probably doesn't sometimes I just talk crazy.
  2. ohhh really good thread!! 1. when she drops her voice those low notes are so lush 2. the first chorus was so good - she sang it with visible nerves and it was wobbly but i think that's what made great 3. she seemed relaxed and like she enjoyed it, plus it's London - i'm guessing her home territory. 4. 5.
  3. I would have to say National Anthem and Summertime Sadness - like when I first heard those two songs I realised I really did love her music. Both songs were so cool and fresh, I felt that it was so refreshing to hear her music. Although saying that when her Born to Die video came out I was quite intrigued, but I didn't love her music at this point - I just liked it. *I feel I have to clarify the 'love' part, I'm not obsessed with her music but she's been one of my go to artists for the past two years.
  4. Aretha Franklin - Greatest Hits It's from 1998 but will always destroy every album in existence, no contest unless its to Dusty.
  5. putting her tooth grill in like the gansta bitch she is, REBEL4LYF seriously tho what is she doing??
  6. -For K -Yayo -Hundred $ Bill -Afraid -Queen Of The Gas Station -Body Electric -Summertime Sadness -Hollywood's Dead -GoGo Dancer
  7. i've never ever wished the death penalty upon anyone, but i think in this case he deserves it,i feel so bad for saying that but its true, every breath he takes is a waste.
  8. I actually quite liked the video with the vivid red, and the dramatic composer it was quite nice, as for those teardrops she literally glamourises gansta life so much.
  9. i concur. i think her dark hair shits on her blonde hair #notsorry.

    Mediunity & After Life

    I do believe in an afterlife, whenever I say this there's always people that say i'm silly and naive, but I don't really care. When I was younger I was terrified of death, I mean really scared that I would get sick and throw up, but then it sort of changed, I saw eyes which had life, glaze over and go cold, and i cannot for a second believe that whatever left soul/energy/vibe has ceased to exist.
  11. bought this during school lunchtime hour today: link: http://www.riverisland.com/women/swimwear--beachwear/cover-ups/Coral-bandeau-maxi-dress-636744
  12. "i've seen the world, done it all, had my cake now..." literally love this woman
  13. yes this, this, this. when i first heard OTTR, thought " 'cause he knows i'm wasted,facin'..." was " 'cause he knows i'm racist, facin..." tons more, i just cant remember off the top of my head
  14. Over The Love - Florence + The Machine, and it's so GOOD
  15. i personally think we should be called full time carers, because when our sugar daddies get old-er we'll need to give them 24/7 care.
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