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  1. Mel’s on Sunset, Chateau Marmont (you have book beforehand if you’re going for food), Malibu / Topanga. I don’t think Venice is that great but worth going for the mural. Santa Monica is a lot nicer and a short walk from Venice beach.
  2. it’s my dream to hear Honeymoon live but I highly doubt it’ll be on the setlist excited for A&W just very sad about no off to the races
  3. just thinking abt how insane of an album run BTD-Paradise-UV-HM is. Untouchable
  4. does anyone think she’ll drop a couple random UK tour dates like she did in 2017 during her festival run? I saw her in Paris and I was pissed because she randomly announced a date in London at Brixton the day after I saw her.
  5. I think the air fresheners are cute, that’s it. I wish they had just used the drawings like the lilac one on her official site.
  6. i’m wearing what she wore to the Bravalla concert in Sweden because I have a top that is practically identical to it and it’s easy. Just need to buy some big hoops! I wanna do that little shoulder dance move like she does during Cola
  7. ugh I’ve signed up for the presale but it’s not sent me a confirmation email. I’ve done this like 5 times in panic. Need that gold circle
  8. It would be a dream for Lana to do a seated tour like Taylor. I doubt she will but I’d rather pay an extra hundred or so for floor, to avoid being pushed around by bunch of teenagers who found her last year through TikTok trends. I do not have the energy. the best concert I went to was Marina’s in 2016. In London, we was all seated on floor. It was intimate + stress free. I saw Marina again last year, standing + it was hell I’m sorry
  9. 2 hours till 11 when the pop up shop opens right?? Hopeful new merch will drop but I really don’t like the prints she showed on her insta
  10. missed opportunity to make the candy necklace look like an actual nostalgic candy necklace. I prefer the A&W version luckily as that’s the one my bf got me
  11. If “Yes To Heaven” being released is the surprise then that is super underwhelming
  12. Lana has to be dropping more new merch.. for both A&W and The Grants there was a drop. I feel confident that there will be another load of new merch when Tunnel comes next Fri. I need that pill case but I’m going to wait until Friday. release the titty boxset I BEG
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