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  1. ik Lana has covered “Stand By Your Man”, but I need a cover on this record of either “You and Me” () or “I Don’t Wanna Play House”. I’m feeling some Tammy
  2. i wish she’d strip the set back.. how it was was - barefoot, smoking cigarettes on stage
  3. her merch is always ugly unfortunately
  4. Lana is a pathological liar. Trying to defend her claims by referencing sugar daddies, stripping, drugs etc. They’re lies too. It’s exaggerated. She’s all about the aesthetic and we love her for it
  5. I agree. I actually find NFR! to be underwhelming. I don’t think I’ve actually ever revisited it in full since 2019. Which is funny to me as I spent that summer in California and really thought it was going to become my favourite based on that alone.
  6. trashmagik

    Song vs. Song

    Gods & Monsters vs Yayo
  7. could these copyright takedowns not just be her management being strict due to her recent blow up? happy I have all her unreleased downloaded on my iCloud. I can’t see an unreleased coming.. maybe a couple tracks on the next record
  8. we love her over here lana pls - visit more
  9. when she starts the show with “I think we’re losing what we used to have, you know..”
  10. i’d empty my entire savings for that experience
  11. tommy’s latest insta post making a new mixed backing track for peppers.. peppers live??!
  12. damn she really doesn’t come down to barricade anymore :((
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