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  1. brazil has taste, thunder and dealer fighting for the #1
  2. dark paradise, i remember when my boyfriend passed and i wanted to die too to find him on the other side
  3. this is not a lie, dealer and thunder have everything to become a signature song of her career
  4. Blue Banisters has potential classics able to be remembered over the years as video games/born to die/summertime sadness are today. The whole world should know this album.
  5. Both chemtrails and blue banisters will be hailed over time and recieve the super acclaim that they always deserved. Even with the praise that Lana has been recieved since Norman, I still think she is underrated by critics. She deserves so much more.
  6. Tulsa Devil


    a lot of ballads, pop bops, fast paced, no rap
  7. Tulsa Devil

    Song vs. Song

    Yayo vs Raise Me Up
  8. i'm tired of 80's, i want 90's now we're so close and so far from the universal acclaim at least sputnik didn't ruin the score this time and i hope they don't make a review
  9. 1 more point please, this album deserves universal acclaim too
  10. Two new reviews today, mojo and uncut gave 80 to the album. The meta score might go back to 80
  11. i found on youtube now, but its basically the same thing. I was expecting something very different like "the lakes - folklore version" and "the lakes - original version"
  12. this version that boz talked about really exists?
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