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  1. its officially midnight here, see u all in 1 hour and 17 minutes this was such a fun prerelease
  2. i will be experiencing the album for the first time in 25 minutes, everyone pls send thots and prayers
  3. anyone going to the sydney listening party at red eye records?? official lanaboard meetup?
  4. I'm not listening to the leaks, but to those who have listened to the leaks, how do you think the album will be received by the critics? What do you think the metacritic score will be (not that it really matters)?
  5. i just woke up from a dream that lana was having her birthday party in my backyard with mitski and in the dream she told me she was releasing peppers as the next single. not saying i’m a psychic but i am in fact a psychic
  6. i feel like those two ways to organise it coincide. active lanaboards users ARE incredibly traumatised
  7. did you know that there's a sock on a polish lady? mosaic sock, painted sock, on her foot. i can't help but feel somewhat like my sock marred my foot. handmade sock sealed up by two manmade shoes.
  8. i'm obsessed with the thought that polish sock lady is living her life in poland probably not realising that she is a lanaboards legend. her legacy will live on. don't forget her like the tunnel under ocean blvd.
  9. it's the 11th in 15 minutes where i live, i cant believe ill be going to sleep on the night of the 10th and literally NOTHING happened
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