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  1. if she was doing an homage to Veronica Lake she FOR SURE would've mentioned her schizophrenia one way or another. Marilyn was in a therapy session in the MV.
  2. I agree, I don't think she was channeling Veronica Lake either, I think those two were her before and after she let go of the necklace.
  3. If she really was channeling Veronica Lake that's so mean because of the Hollywood Star scene. Because only two people showed up to Veronica's ceremony
  4. second one did too, can't they just add subtitles to the first one? I think it would help a lot of people understand better. A lot of the important talking is barely audible.
  5. we really are back in the Born to Die era aren't we?
  6. The fact that she was wearing it at point but took it off. Omg the falling necklace as Dahlia was dying, Lana was taking her necklace(s) off while Dahlia was bleeding. Learning from their mistakes like she said.
  7. Question, when she is getting her hollywood star she isn't wearing a necklace and this is made clear to us by the zooms to the boozangas What is that suppose to mean? What is the necklace representing?
  8. I think it's herself, she then takes her wig off to switch to Black Dahlia, it would make sense with how she said they started off similar and she could've gone the route Black Dahlia went. From one Elizabeth to another plus, lounge singer wouldn't fit with Rita but Lana has called herself that multiple times.
  9. she takes off the btd wig at the end of the performance
  10. I think we will, she's been very inspired lately
  11. fave music video ever from lana she has reached such an artistic peak that she makes her older stuff look so simple now
  12. 1949 (Demo) - 24 All Smiles - 12 Axl Rose Husband - 17 Baby Blue Love - 7 Bentley - 12 C U L8R Alligator - 11 Coca Colla - 13 Criminals Run the World - 9 Crooked Cop - 1 Cry Me a River - 5 Daytona Meth - 12 Elvis - 19 Greenwich - 16 Hangin' Around - 13 Heartshaped Chevrolet - 12 Hollywood Movie - 10 I Was in a Bad Way - 9 Joshy & I - 17 Living Without You - 11 Methamphetamines - 11 Midnite Dancer Girlfriend - 4 Motel 6 (Acapella Demo) - 7 Never Let Me Go (Demo) - 17 Party Girl - 11 Put Your Lips Together - 9 Slow Gin Fizzz - 9 Super Movie - 16 White Pontiac Heaven - 10 Your Band is All the Rage - 9 You're Gonna Love Me - 22
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