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  1. I feel bad for Jon batiste too. So many nominations and nothing. The guy is pure talent.
  2. This!!! Right??? She doesn’t even like those kind of events. Just let her wear cowboy boots and give us nothing on social media ❤️
  3. Thinking about how the music industry is concentrated in such a small circle. Who were grammy winners/nominees in the last five years? Who pops up when you turn the radio on? Always the same names. All generic poorly elaborated music. Very low quality and more of the same shit. Fame and popularity don’t mean quality at all. Lana is not comercial, her songs are not simple, they don’t just pop on the radio. She’s much more about quality and less about popularity.And I hope she keeps as low profile as possible. It really bothers me to know that her fans in the last few years got to know her by tik tok coquette bullshit and featuring with Taylor on a basic bad song.
  4. She’s just so humble and respectful. She didn’t want to steal the moment. WHAT AN ANGEL OMG
  5. I knew Lana would not win anything, and I bet she knew that too. And I’m so certain she doesn’t give a fuck. She was there for Joni Mitchell 💕
  6. The family gave an interview yesterday asking for help. So heartbreaking! They said they did not receive any kind of support from anybody except friends of Ana’s. And let’s be honest? Fans love to say Taylor is the industry and all that bullshit. But when it comes to being responsible for her own tour, do you guys really think she can’t have a decision??? Do you think if someone of her family died she wouldn’t be able to cancel a concert right away??
  7. Very possible! Very Lana! The sweet/food reference to talk about drugs. She did the same with cinnamon possibly meaning cocaine.
  8. Ana’s family started a crowd funding to help with funeral expenses and the friends and fans helped with money. Nothing from Taylor. Actually, Taylor blocked comments on her Instagram and I bet she’s trying so hard to not even be associated with anything related to that. What a shame! The girl was a big fan spending a lot of money to see her and died during her concert. Can’t even say how inhuman that is. People need to be very aware of who they admire…
  9. Nooooo way she’s bringing that gorgeous dress for just one last concert. I’m so fucking sure more dates will be announced soon! And that dress is gonna be worn for at least 5 more concerts.
  10. Manifesting “Thunder” for Mississippi ⚡️ You guys need to be loooud!
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