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  1. This is a little obsessive, but to each their own...
  2. Ocean Blvd to me is like BB, it just keeps getting better everytime you listen to it. 5, 10, 15 years from now it will be looked at by all, as the masterpiece that it is...
  3. That is the thing about art, everyone is entitled to thier opinion on whether to like it or not. If you like it, than it reached its targeted audience.
  4. I'm still disappointed I didn't get to see Nikki Lane at Dallas show, I was looking forward to it...
  5. Date is 7/9/2023... The date to the right of that looks to be someone else handwriting and possibly dated it as Day then Month then year
  6. For some reason I can longer like anything, but I wonder if she wrote a note and signed as Lana Del Rey above, then wrote another as Elizabeth Grant?
  7. Looks like the note above it is signed A*** Del Rey
  8. I have ignored this thread for obvious reasons, but I have to say some of the things I have read are ban worthy. WOW!
  9. Dammit, they're going to make me buy tickets to the Dallas Stapleton show... Actually I wouldn't mind going to that show...
  10. Saddens me that she has to address this... It obviously bothers her a lot that some people are basically trying to take away part of her story. There will always be haters!!! Lana, do you!!!
  11. One of the best guitar solos ever.... TacoTruck x VB made me remember this one...
  12. The fact that I just got back into town to find this out saddens me. It also saddens me that she was rooting for the Sooners... Hook'Em Regardless, Dallas Loves Lana!!!
  13. So she sang Florida Kilos at this show, just wondering if any new videos emerged that might help with lyrics? You snort it like a champ, Let the....
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