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  1. Is she back in Florence, AL Muscle Shoals?
  2. SparkleJumpRopeQueen newsletter has been updated with concerts and you can click corresponding date to get updates on that particular event. Hopeful that we could get a presale code in the next couple of days. https://imgur.com/a/bQ0lkXL
  3. Traveler

    Line vs. Line

    “You said I was the most exotic flower, holding me tight in our final hour.” Vs “There's a new revolution, a loud evolution that I saw“
  4. I have lived in Dallas my entire life, so if anyone needs any info, just ask. I will say this, the venue is in close proximity to some very dangerous neighborhoods, so don’t venture too far from venue. Plenty of hotels to stay at in downtown Dallas and if you don’t mind driving a little staying in one of the suburbs like Frisco or Plano to the North, Rockwall to the East, Las Colinas to the west are safe bets. Just don’t stay South and immediately to the East of the venue/ fair park area.
  5. That might not necessarily be true. Almost all venues have seats/boxes/sections that companies and individuals can purchase for season tickets and have allocated seats for every event at that venue. So the reseller could have tickets reserved that will be available to them once tickets go on sale.
  6. I know that the PIT tickets face value was right at $100US, on resale sites they were asking as much as $1000US for them. a couple days before concert I was able to get two for a little over $200US each I don't know the answer, but she is f*****G hot in that photo...
  7. 1. Mariners Apartment Complex 10/10 2. Heroin 8/10 3. Cruel World 9/10 1. Body Electric 2. Arcadia 3. DYKTTATUOB
  8. I would have gave you a 10/10 if you would have committed 100% to the BB album and put Arcadia in that 3rd spot...
  9. Merch stand from Rogers AR show... I picked up a lighter while I was there... https://imgur.com/a/Qzgs37l
  10. Dallas venue holds about 20K, that's double what Rogers AR held...
  11. Please send a presale code through sparkle jump rope queen... I don't need Bots and Scalpers fucking this up for me...
  12. By the way The party is September 19
  13. Agree, I am kind of wishing that Jon would have just done backing vocals on his own album LOL. This song with just Jon on piano and backing vocals would be a completely different song, reallllly good!
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