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  1. I went to the Arkansas and Dallas shows and I thought the audience for the most part were great at both. I was in the Pit at both shows, I do not get into the crowd anymore, I just hangout towards the back and enjoy the show. Experience might be different in seats or at barricade, but I had a great time at both events, with no issues at all.
  2. From one of the best albums ever made... Masterpiece
  3. I love me some Orbison... True Americana... I have never heard that cover. I am not sure if Miley gets credit for being a historian of music, her dad probably deserves some of the credit. Anyways thanks for that.
  4. I guess my old ass will just keep this thread going myself... Enjoy...
  5. I always think of this beat when Stargirl Interlude comes on...
  6. "To have great poets, there must be great audiences" @Elle you are Stellar
  7. From what I have seen, watching prices for Arkansas show and now Dallas show. 4-5 days prior to show seems to be a good time to buy unless you are willing to wait until day of concert. 2-3 days out the prices seem to go up a little, before coming back down 24 hours to showtime.
  8. Looks like she may have stopped in Maufrais and bought a hat... Country era coming soon... But seriously, get your ass to Dallas!
  9. I have noticed the prices have jumped up a bit in the last two days. I am just going to wait until last minute and see what I can get.
  10. Pro - The moon landing Con - It was fake Fast Cars
  11. No doubt 100 degree heat, I FUCKING hate being cold! Would you rather down an entire bottle of whisky or eat like 5 gummies at once?
  12. Banned for standing in front of your car and remote starting it while in gear. Why did my mind go to this morbid place?
  13. Just a few weeks after this performance I would be born and the King would pass on...
  14. She was slippin in the one photo... She smiled... LOL
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