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  1. My plan is to have no plan. Well sort of, I have already taken off two days for Dallas show, but I will grab a couple tickets the day before show, when the resellers are desperate to get rid of extra tickets.
  2. I could be convinced it’s let the winter winner in but it’s certainly not Like the winter we are not in…
  3. But this isn’t necessarily true… I can think of a couple instances where she did exactly that. I’m sure there is other examples, if I wanted to dive into it. Sweet sixteen and we had arrived Walk-in down the street as they whistle Hi Hi All I want to do is get high by the beach Get high Baby Baby Bye Bye You would never speak these lines like this, she is doing it to keep a rhythm or rhyme or whatever.
  4. I like me some Hayley Williams, but C'mon this is ridiculous!!! Fuck awards, Lana don't need them. I'm still gonna vote though...
  5. He is a Champ = Winner There is an old saying Winner Winner Chicken dinner "Let the Winner Winner in" That's how I always heard it...
  6. I would love to know if anyone had same issues with TN shows, since there were two shows?
  7. This is basically what I did for Rogers show, I will have to do it again for Dallas... Sad
  8. Just got thru for Dallas all that was left was was Official Platinum. And when I clicked on one it wasn't available. What a scam! Edit: Hit refresh on ticket page and all that was available was season ticket holder, which you need a code for, so Dallas is SOLD-OUT
  9. That sucks! I'm in queue for Dallas, but it's not looking promising...
  10. I hope everyone get the tickets they want, FUCK the resellers and bots that are surly taking up space in the queue!
  11. It’s weird being the same age as all these old people… 😂
  12. Who is mad? You the one triggered about what I wrote? Let's move on youngster...
  13. It was a joke, get over yourself!
  14. I'm here for whatever... I would listen to Lana reading the phone book... For you youngsters, you used to have to look up phone numbers in a book, before the internet and smart phones...
  15. My mind immediately went back to The Dream Love/Hate album...
  16. Blue Banisters Album is a Devine Nimbus!
  17. Uninvited - Alanis Morissette All Eyez On Me - Tupac Shimmy Shimmy Ya - ODB Doll Parts - Hole
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