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  1. That won't happen because the second half of the set is much slower (besides A&W) and the Gatsby-themed outro will help the elderly fall asleep and have sweet dreams about their youth.
  2. Va Va VOOM

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    It was an early concept demo for Come Over.
  3. Va Va VOOM

    Charli XCX

    This is kinda a clusterfuck and that pains me to say as someone who has loved every Charli project. The tracklisting and flow is atrocious and everything just feels so... neutered because of the reined-in production. Teasing an era for months and talking about how it's a club record and then delivering this really sets herself up for disappointment. This situation isn't helped by the fact that the club mixes of songs like Talk Talk, 365, Sympathy Is A Knife were so fast and hard-hitting that listening to them in the album just makes me feel like I'm listening to some shitty fanmade slowed down remix. Additionally, I Think About It All The Time and Girl, So Confusing have always been meh to me ever since the demos first leaked and I don't think enough was done to really improve them. I think if she would have just framed it as an album that balances between introspection and dancing away her worries and not done those rave sets, it'd make this album an easier pill to swallow.
  4. Va Va VOOM

    Magdalena Bay

    Tour and album announcement tomorrow most likely. The tour is called the Imaginal Mystery Tour.
  5. Va Va VOOM

    Bonnie McKee

    Hot City - May 31st 1. Don't Get Mad Get Famous (feat. Sophie Powers) 2. Hot City 3. Jenny's Got A Boyfriend 4. Show You Mine 5. I Wanna Call You 6. American Girl 7. Forever 21 8. SLAY 9. Electric Heaven 10. Worst In Me 11. Snatched (feat. Priyanka) 12. Sleepwalker 13. Just A Kiss 14. Rewind Your Heart 15. Everything But You 16. Stars In Your Heart Forever 21 is out now!
  6. The way this had me feeling like I was getting Skinamarink'd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4T93yJKr3g "I want you to go back in time to find out how you got here, let's travel back to a moment in time to get the story... see you there"
  7. The Prophecy - An album solely focused on another doomed relationship, self-reflection via creating characters & scenarios in her head like folklore, and starting a fresh new relationship. The Albatross I Hate It Here How Did It End? Down Bad So Long, London I Can Do It With A Broken Heart Florida The Bolter Clara Bow The Prophecy Cassandra Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me Thank You Aimee Robin So High School The Alchemy The Tortured Poets Department - A side-album solely focused on the Matty relationship to avoid the heartbreak of things ending with Joe. (Realistically would slot between Florida and The Bolter timeline-wise). Guilty As Sin Fresh Out The Slammer But Daddy I Love Him The Tortured Poets Department My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys Imgonnagetyouback I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can) Peter Loml The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived The Black Dog Fortnight Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus I Look In People’s Windows The Manuscript
  8. Va Va VOOM

    Taylor Swift

    The chicken is out of the oven.
  9. The lead single is called Overcompensate and comes out today at 1 PM EST. Additionally, the new album is called Clancy and comes out May 17th. This should be the tracklist: Navigating Overcompensate Backslide At The Risk Of Feeling Dumb Lavish Oldies Station Midwest Indigo Paladin Strait Routines In The Night The Craving (Jenna’s version) Snap Back Next Semester
  10. Va Va VOOM

    Melanie Martinez

    These videos are becoming so ordinary / unexciting to look at because it's always the same-looking forest themes in her shitty ass outfit. This video should have had an acid trip like aesthetic focused on simple yet alluring choreography, instead it just feels like a tour backdrop vs an actual music video. Also, scrapping any semblance of a plot after the Tunnel Vision video made it clear that this whole thing takes place within a video game or simulation is CRAZY...
  11. Va Va VOOM

    Charli XCX

    Spring Breakers is 10x better than Von Dutch so I truly have no idea what the hell she's doing this era. It's like she's going AGAINST her taste sometimes...
  12. Va Va VOOM

    Melanie Martinez

    The gall of revealing in the third video of the era that its parent album, the self-declared end of a long-gestating trilogy, takes place within a video game is truly insane… She must have recently watched Serenity (2019) and said “alright now let me cook…”
  13. I don’t have ASIB stems but here’s The Cure demo https://krakenfiles.com/view/tEloKWXDt9/file.html
  14. Va Va VOOM

    Charli XCX

    I knew that parts of Got No Love sounded familiar, she's partially sampling Give It To Me in terms of both melody and lyrics.
  15. I know these went through the stages of leaking in LQ and then into MQ or HQ, so I apologize if I'm not caught up and one or two of these aren't the best possible versions. I think these are the best that we have of each track though. No Fireworks - https://krakenfiles.com/view/qAdwfdysGU/file.html Never Not - https://krakenfiles.com/view/hr2q1MyRaE/file.html Vanities - https://krakenfiles.com/view/ariD8PJaLY/file.html
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