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  1. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    New Bottega sounds new with every repeat. How does she do that?
  2. Cleopatra


    I mean I felt attacked when he opened the track but so happy for some new music!
  3. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    I honestly luv this. the hymns towards the end
  4. Cleopatra


    Is there a maroon 5-less version of What Lovers Do?
  5. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    How exciting- More songs to LOOK FOWARD TO!
  6. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    thank god! I’m buying this just cause she released SOMETHING haaaa *dies in misery*
  7. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    But where is the album
  8. I hope she takes her time even HARDER...get us MAD
  9. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    Sigh sometimes you have to fall many many many times to get back UP! Here for this independent release though! ......*throws phone at the wall* *angrily kicks rocks*
  10. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    Wow I’m noticing she’s using the sun this time...Summer is coming!
  11. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    My summer is ready for some TUNES!!
  12. Lose Your Smile & Girl Of The Year got me under their spell and I’m okay with it
  13. Cleopatra

    Azealia Banks

    wow those high kicks wheewww
  14. Cleopatra

    Tove Styrke

    tove sweaty I’m going let this 8 song clownery slide
  15. Cleopatra

    Lykke Li

    I’m so in love with hard rain! Let me swim in your ocean Lykke
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