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  1. she's releasing a new ep!!! but its in 3 months
  2. medievalthots

    Allie X

    did you ever sort out which ones were actual different versions and which were not?
  3. medievalthots

    Melanie Martinez

    dear porcupines rough demo or whatever leaked the one that was being sold on leakedcx some time ago
  4. you better run leaked on dbree https://dbree.org/v/636154
  5. medievalthots

    Charli XCX

    didnt he delete his lastfm?
  6. medievalthots


    snippets from UMPG's website https://dropbay.net/7292385be9515889/UPSAHL_-_Still_Stay_Winning.mp3 https://dropbay.net/c1859763cf3b723c/UPSAHL_-_Keep_My_Head_Up.mp3 https://dropbay.net/bb67873ca2abb1de/UPSAHL_-_We_Got_the_Beat.mp3 https://dropbay.net/f3c7f99c38b310c8/UPSAHL_-_Never_Saw_This_Coming.mp3 https://dropbay.net/44760f8629de7226/UPSAHL_-_Better_Days_(feat._Niña_Dioz).mp3 Still Stay Winning is written by UPSAHL and Pete Nappi, 2:43 Keep My Head UpKee is written by UPSAHL, David Frank and Nevin Sastry, 3:04 We Got The Beat is a cover, 2:30 Never Saw This coming is 3:10 Better Days is written by UPSAHL, Pete Nappi and Niña Dioz, 2:41
  7. medievalthots


    two new leaks wop wop beyond https://dbree.org/v/06147d artificial flowers https://udl.to/b4be44185f145f92
  8. medievalthots

    Melanie Martinez

    please stop harassing me
  9. finally a new leak https://dbree.org/v/2fcc85
  10. medievalthots


    jack stopped updating his post so im making a new one cause new stuff leaked - Count On You https://dbree.org/v/3c86c3 - Ego https://dbree.org/v/ef184f - Karma https://dbree.org/v/862612 - My Lions https://dbree.org/v/ffea56 - Hello Liz https://dbree.org/v/e23353 - Body Count https://dbree.org/v/0be8d0 - Ghost In My Head https://dbree.org/v/12ee25
  11. medievalthots


    the way the thread doesnt even have enough peopl to hype the leaking
  12. medievalthots


    give me more :give:
  13. medievalthots


    upsahl? more like downsahl
  14. aha music also recognized the instrumental as the song
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