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  1. im not even mad about the cancellation anymore, i just wish she'd tell the truth??? like i'd have more respect for her if she said "i do not want to tour anymore i don't enjoy it i want to be with my friends go hiking be a baddie and go to disneyland w my family" than make something up IF that's what happened here ‍
  2. https://twitter.com/ldrdailys/status/1232513669356933121?s=21 we love to see it
  3. i had the day booked off that i wont get paid for? she just doesn't come through much anymore and its sad lmao
  4. im so for her i adore her but i dont believe a word that comes out of her mouth anymore lmao. i doubt you can make up for the flights and the time off work and the hotel stays ?? not entirely her fault but i DOUBT she only knew she wouldnt be able to perform when it was announced im sorry but nope
  5. i hope she gets better i honestly didnt realise how selfish i sounded until i posted it ): i hope she stops vaping too her voice is so beautiful and unique
  6. loved the cute animations of bambi and the rain and lightening but really didn't enjoy the video. it feels like you've seen all the footage before bar a few parts ):
  7. the thing is though is that because people are cheering and praising her so much, which yes i understand— i'm so tired of this setlist but when i see her in february, i'm going to cheer too because lana's my fav but nobody confronts her, her management suck and byron, someone she trusts a lot and has toured w her forever has such a negative attitude towards the setlist criticism? the people who are seeing her numerous times though they can do whatever (i like to live vicariously through them), its giving the wrong impression and probably makes lana think theres nothing wrong and she can get away with the boring setlist and lack of singing! lana, i love you but if you dont want to tour or sing anymore, stop ):
  8. genuinely baffles me. bet that bear out of rabbit fur will just be popped on a shelf. what was the point in paying over $400 for absolute animal cruelty? it's a problem, she could have chosen anything else, why lambskin and rabbit fur?
  9. she's written some of the most beautiful songs and can't remember them .... this woman https://www.instagram.com/p/B49e6IPn-kf/?igshid=134ghiunr7kdc
  10. she sang cinnamon girl, wore a pretty dress and her hair looks so beautiful. love you Lana thank you
  11. good point but she should have just self titled the tour instead of making people think there'd be more nfr songs and maybe should consider having her band learn new songs, isn't that part of their job?
  12. nah, most people had a problem w the tour being album titled and then her not kicking off the tour w an updated setlist that fit the album aesthetic more — her changing the setlist for one show is dumb and not fair since everyone is paying to see her regardless of place lol
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