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  1. I enjoyed the new album. I'm seeing her for the third time next month too. One of the coolest people I've met.
  2. That's what I always think about too when I hear that line.
  3. I had a friend text me saying the same thing. He got his from a local record store. I bought the EP itself because I have the boxset coming in. Hopefully that's okay.
  4. Maybe it will be in some other store, someday. Lucky, I got a friend in the UK who bought it for me.
  5. Ride National Anthem Born To Die Blue Jeans Summertime Sadness Carmen Video Games
  6. She's in my city rn. someone is trying to force me to see her, no thank you.
  7. Saw them twice, met Taylor once. I do like them but meeting her was so fucking stuck up. At least I got a photo.
  8. After hearing it, it's amazing.
  9. I just got word that the snippet is fake. Real ones come out on Monday. But seriously, i can't.
  10. By a new cheerleader, Kitty. The episode (The Role You Were Born to Play) airs November 8th. Great promo for Lana... But those vocals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jfWlTMEzflQ Full version coming soon. This might be the wrong section. Mods feel free to move it. Or just delete this thread.
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