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 the tracklist


 I’m That Girl


Alien Superstar

 Cuff It


Break My Soul

Church Girl

Plastic Off the Sofa

Virgo’s Groove




All Up in Your Mind

America Has a Problem


Summer Renaissance



All in all some great track names. Super interested to hear Plastic Off The Sofa, Cuff It and America Has A Problem. 


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On 7/12/2022 at 5:01 AM, TRENCH said:

the album comes out in like 4 minutes and still no video :crossed:


I'm choosing to belive that B7 is a visual album and that she don't want to spoil the narrative by releasing the video before she reveals the whole thing. Am I being delusional ? :xgiggle:

The tracklist sounds very intringuing. There's definitely going to be some political stuff. Plastic Off the Sofa reminds me of Lana's "finger nail on plastic bag" quote from upcoming song.

The list of colaborators is impressive as always.

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Ok I’ve gotta say Ive enjoyed this WAY more than I thought I would. Standouts for me: 


-I’m That Girl

-Alien Superstar

-Plastic Off The Sofa

-Virgos Groove (this will be a huge grower for sure)


-All Up In Your Mind

-America Has A Problem (definitely another grower, underlying foundations for a bop are there though)


The other tracks had some moments I liked but idk if I’d go back to them as often. Overall a very cool album, especially bc the lead single was atrocious LFMAO :godlaugh2:

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after a first listen what I can say is that I was so sure I was gonna hate it but I don't. overall I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

some songs were okay and others really surprised me. my highlights are alien superstar, energy, thique, all up in your mind, america has a problem and virgo's groove (this one I can definitely feel like is gonna grow more on me). also, I think she really slayed the transitions between the songs, the whole experience was so smooth

break my soul definitely sounds better in the whole context of the album but still wasn't that much of my cup of tea

1.jpg  3.jpg  2.jpg 

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