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  1. if we actually get anything I'll be shocked
  2. what tracklists are y'all using for masochism?
  3. Is there a Dua lipa mega link?
  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15Z0P2roEfi0hV8Hu32kcDfvZW_EethROZxhkXacsfxg/edit#gid=1242125182
  5. Now we need a release date of Feb ASAP
  6. What quality was the leak in?
  7. what are her best unreleased tracks?
  8. what leaks do we have from masochism?
  9. do we have any clue what the tracklist looked like before with the FTB tracks included?
  10. especially from an artist like Kim Petras
  11. isn't Clarity & TOTL conidered albums?
  12. omg these were two of the best leaks
  13. she got her whole kitty and titties out on the cover. Slay what songs were leaked that aren't on the official release?
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