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  1. it's just so overwhelming
  2. I'm trying to thin out my unreleased collection, but idk what to get rid of
  3. what is missing other than snippets and Natalia Kills stuff?
  4. the unreleased is sorted by year once you download it
  5. the masterpost I downloaded has it as 2018. Here's the masterpost I found. It has the unreleased sorted by year all in one album which is nice. https://mega.nz/folder/OhdX1KyC#eCKfHoswXDWexs3Nl3UWhA
  6. this is what I've done, I just need some good covers https://imgur.com/RMent0s
  7. how do y'all have your unreleased sorted?
  8. is there a masterpost?
  9. Lmao someone trolled me saying these were the candy necklace lyrics https://genius.com/The-ghost-of-a-saber-tooth-tiger-candy-necklace-lyrics
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