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  1. Wishing that Lana would have taken a shoegaze/dream pop approach for LDR 8 but it’s all good… would love to hear more Venice Bitch inspired tracks on BB but it’s most likely not possible at this point
  2. Blue Banisters sounds like it could be a really good interlude and I wish it was that exactly
  3. Where is the confirmation that Jack didn’t produce the album?
  4. I want to believe that Blue Banisters is now the Rock Candy Sweet single and that the Album cover is a completely different picture
  5. I had the most amazing dream and woke up crying because it wasn’t posted on her insta. Lana was getting into a car and started with a poem saying “I used to be the baddest bitch on Earth…” and she started driving with Chuck in the passenger seat, they smoked some cigarettes and there was a vintage filter over it. It ended with Lana crying because she didn’t know how to move on with her life or where to go next and Chuck was comforting her… like wow
  6. https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1EFJGttAjwjkcC?si=lJfjoTqrR0W1mB4mWOKBdg Oh my gosh... Mike Dean is a genius we need him on RCS
  7. When I think of a blue banister I think of Lana walking down the staircase in a sexy demeanor, waiting to submit to her lover while in lingerie
  8. What if Jack produces the record but Dan Auerbach did a twist the way they did for UV... that would be holy and some bitches would nearly faint
  9. At this point people need to calm tf down about Lana “evolving” and crucifying anybody who would like to see an older sound return... Lana has dabbled in many genres and has received critical acclaim for it! Fans expressing that it would be cute too revisit an old sound means nothing... at the end of the day she will always be in control it’s just a preference people have
  10. She has not relatively produced anything that’s “insane” with Jack besides VB I think... I’m curious to see how this plays out with the whole revenge concept
  11. This woman made history with Chemtrails vinyl sales... Being 4th I believe to have the most sold in a week of release sitting right behind Paul McCartney! With this being said they would have to push the RCS vinyl soon right for a June release? And also it’s upsetting how JB still got a #1 when Lana outsold in pure sales where the fuck is the sense in that?
  12. Had a dream that Lana covered Britney Spears Gimme More but in a way where she incorporated electric guitars and after that track there were these HEAVENLY, strong guitars that made me lose my shit everyone was shocked cause it sounded like metal.
  13. God this instrumental sends me to the moon. Sounds as though you're walking on the beach with an eternal love. I discovered this song recently and I would love something as dreamy as this guitar.
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