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  1. FellReallyHard4U


    Hoping someone leaks the other version of swimming pools 😭
  2. FellReallyHard4U


    i know she took down dont be so hard on your own beauty off my soundcloud lmao im so mad i just want friendly machine and the album already
  3. hopefully this thread can go back to boomin when we learn to get along and not be rats and learn to be kind and not pick fights its all about melanie martinez the baby legend
  4. For anyone who watched alone together did she play any stuff that didnt make the album
  5. lmao you really holding on to this weak drag yall might bully the other girls here but not me learn how to drag and read before you hop on a forum luv being messy now have a blessed day anyways stream mm3 first single when it drops
  6. sksks i bet your one of jackk friends or u could be that thing who just likes to lurk and talk shit in pms and dms but never say it to anyones face a bunch of looney tunes who wanna be boz so bad but u will never be your just gays behind a computer who got a portion of hand me down leaks cause someone felt nice your not that kind of girl i suggest you keep it cute and go back to discussing mel instead of dragging out this tired ass bullying mechanic you girls like to try ksml anywaysssssssssss mm3 is coming <3 XD
  7. This response alone proves my point u girls just wanna be seen now i will say their was another choice in this situation ... you shutting the fuck up 🙂
  8. FellReallyHard4U


    thinking about how she dropped over this as a single instead of villain or letters
  9. ugh true hope she leaves them soon and goes indie
  10. sweetie wanna talk about cringe ... whats cringe is how u and some of the other girls on this thread let others opinion and statements that differ from your own bother u sooo much its not that deep i promise luv ... its called a forum thread for a reason but i get it some of you didnt join this to discuss u just wanna be seen tsk tsk
  11. pls me posting on here asking for the songs is just for the fun of it all tbh .. if they leak then great if they don't oh well this is literally what threads are for .. discussions also i find humor in knowing one of the persons with said songs sits on thread like a vulture talking shit away from it when they can or atleast trying to but i know thats just apart of their fake personality they wanna be an insider so bad like some people i know but well we all know once those scraps run out its over for ms girl she got her crumbs from the real deals and now she wants to talk bad about them whenever either or gets mentioned cuz they dont mess with her no more i hope that's not u luv if it is then that's sad :( S/n : cant wait for the next mel album
  12. love to dream should have been the intro to the album im curious to knw why she went with woman
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