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  1. National Anthem

    Charli XCX

    Wow one year of HIFN!!! I remember when I first heard the record I thought it was obviously not her greatest (although I still enjoyed it) and that it felt like the sort of album that was made in a few weeks for sure. Looking back now though, it’s another masterpiece in my eyes. She literally can do no wrong omg. Even my previous least favorite song (i finally understand) is a classic!
  2. my third copy from Amazon US was a true beige! Just keep trying! You can know without opening it because it will have a “made in canada” still on the back!
  3. yes different barcodes! The actual beige has a sticker on it saying “made in Canada” on the shrinkwrap so it seems to be a region thing after all. With that said, I got both my copies from Amazon US, so they just have stock for both.
  4. whole collection is finally here!!! https://instagram.com/p/CNoJlLRMTrq/
  5. finally got my PD#3 today from France with the signed litho!!!! so happy chemtrails collection complete now! All 10 variants! (still trying to get the truly beige Amazon variant though, so I guess there’s kinda 11)
  6. I’m so scared my PD#3 is going to arrive without the litho from seeing everyone say that 🥲 also lowkey scared the PD itself will just never arrive at this point it’s been forever
  7. ^^^^ same as above ordered a second copy and it’s the peachy orange again. Would love to trade if someone is wanting the marbled orange instead!!!
  8. Random but are the keychains still available anywhere?
  9. Now THIS on the other hand should definitely have separate Discogs pages! Time will tell more, but it seems the earlier presses of the Amazon exclusive were orange and the newer shipped ones are a true beige. This is like VBBOTG with cream and transparent, two different variants.
  10. Omg I can’t imagine never looking at mine or playing them! That is the fun part to me!
  11. I’ve seen a few others around tik tok and Instagram. They definitely look different to me 😭 and yeah I’m pretty sure I’m going to order another amazon copy too and see if I get the true beige. I think the orange will become the rare one.
  12. Okay so if I was going to be a psycho and try to find a crystal clear copy of chemtrails to have alongside my murky “clear” copy, where would I look? Did we decide which store seems to be shipping that version?
  13. Just gonna put it out there— I have to agree with those on Discogs wanting to merge the indie yellow variant with the Assai release. It’s a cute thing that Assai does for new releases, but at the end of the day they literally ordered 500 of the indie variants (that any indie shop has access to) and put a little strip around it with their name on it. Literally the same exact vinyl pressing made in France, same exact jacket, barcode etc. it’s not like this pressing is unique in any way or made specifically for Assai. Lol. like if my local indie record shop but a sticker with their name/logo on the shrink wrap would that make it another variant? (No)
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