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  1. Deleted User liked a post in a topic by Arzi in Stalker Sarah & Lana   
    it's creepy how she looks the same on every picture
  2. Quadrophenia liked a post in a topic by Deleted User in Purity Ring   
    I fucking love them THAT much that I've shipped their album (it costed REALLY expensive since I live in Argentina) but I just LOVE them... I've known them since they released belispeak and I just fell in love. I love the fact that there's almost no info on them on the web, I love how they produce and write, I love her singing, I just... LOVE them entirely...
    Specially the light cocoon tree thing they percute during their shows...
    Their album is blissful masterpiece. 
  3. NamiraWilhelm liked a post in a topic by Deleted User in Ellie Goulding   
    Her voice: Ethereal. Her style: Hard to describe. Her looks: almost the ones of a fallen angel.
    She has such a mellifluous aura to her. She's amazing, inspired by Björk, Imogen Heap, and Joni Mitchel mostly.
    Former girlfriend of skrillex, her latest album is heavily influenced by him.
    I didn't like her first album at first (and nowadays I love just a couple of tracks) but she made me fall in love with Halcyon... Lyrically...Sonically...Cinematically... 
    LIGHTS (later re-released as BRIGHT LIGHTS)

    1. "Guns and Horses" 
    2. "Starry Eyed"
    3. "This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)" 
    4. "Under the Sheets" 
    5. "The Writer"
    6. "Every Time You Go" 
    7. "Wish I Stayed" 
    8. "Your Biggest Mistake"  
    9. "I'll Hold My Breath"
    10. "Salt Skin"  

    11. "Lights" (Single Version)
    12. "Human"
    13. "Little Dreams"
    14. "Home" 
    15. "Animal" 
    16. "Believe Me"  
    17. "Your Song" (bonus track)

    1. "Don't Say a Word"
    2. "My Blood" 
    3. "Anything Could Happen" 
    4. "Only You"  
    5. "Halcyon" 
    6. "Figure 8"  
    7. "JOY"
    8. "Hanging On"
    9. "Explosions"  
    10. "I Know You Care" 
    11. "Atlantis"
    12. "Dead in the Water"
    13. "I Need Your Love" (Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding) (bonus track)

    14. "Lights"
    15. "Hanging On (Feat. Tinie Tempah)"
    16. "Ritual"
    17. "In My City"
    18. "Stay Awake (Feat. Madeon)"
    19. "Without Your Love"
    20. "The Ending"
    21. "High for This"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmFBiuL6vCQ(her track with skrillex for twilight which is UGH so good)
    Discuss this flawlessness' flawlessness <3 <3 <3

  4. Deleted User liked a post in a topic by FREEDOM in Memorable Quotes, By: Lana Del Rey   
    "I still have my same babysitting job, I babysit twice a week."
    "My vision is complete. My life is f*cking made."
    okay that's two, but still...
    but anything with "sonic-..." or "visual-..."
    :what: :what:
  5. Deleted User liked a post in a topic by Sitar in Charli XCX   
    I believe Neon Fashion and Glowstixx and Photography are from 14?
  6. Deleted User liked a post in a topic by Pretend in Charli XCX   
    Nice megapost! You should add the !Franchesckaar! and Emelline/Art Bitch EPs aswell - I'll give you the tracklistings if you want.
  7. Jord liked a post in a topic by Deleted User in Charli XCX   
    Everyone, GET READY, here goes the Charli XCX material megapost! Here we'll tell you what is available out there to get, maybe give you a hand getting it, what's unleaked, and what's to come! We'll be updating this post each time we get new info.
    (Made by omgitsandrew, Bird Condo King and me :3)

    Charli XCX
    Official Releases:
    Art Bitch / Emelline EP
    01. Emelline    3:29 
    02. Art Bitch    4:26  
    03. Lillac a Libertine (Emelline Remix)    5:10 
    04. Mr Black's Stop Ya Bitching (Remix)    3:13 
    05. Papa Vito (Emelline Remix)    4:53 
    06. Yes Sir Idol (Art Bitch Remix)    3:53 
    Stay Away EP
    01. Stay Away (3:51)
    02. Stay Away (T.Williams Remix) (5:20)
    03. Stay Away (SALEM’s Angel Remix) (5:03)
    04. Jungle (Phaeleh Remix) (5:14)
    05. Stay Away (T.Williams Dub) (5:16)
    You're The One EP
    US edition
    01. "You're the One"   3:17
    02. "You're the One" (Blood Orange Remix) 4:15
    03. "Nuclear Seasons"   3:46
    04. "Nuclear Seasons" (Balam Acab Remix) 4:46
    UK edition
    01. "You're the One"   3:16
    02. "So Far Away"   3:23
    03. "You're the One" (Odd Future's The Internet Remix featurin
    g Mike G) 2:59
    04. "You're the One" (Blood Orange Remix) 4:16
    05. "You're the One" (St. Lucia Remix) 4:21
    Australian edition
    01. "You're the One"   3:16
    02. "Stay Away"   3:51
    03. "Nuclear Seasons"   3:44
    04. "Nuclear Seasons" (Balam Acab Remix) 4:46
    05. "You're the One" (Blood Orange Remix) 4:16
    06. "You're the One" (Odd Future's The Internet Remix featuring Mike G) 2:59
    You (Ha Ha Ha) Remixes EP
    01. You (Ha Ha Ha)
    02. You (Ha Ha Ha) [instrumental]
    03. You (Ha Ha Ha) [bURNS' Violet Cloud Version]
    04. You (Ha Ha Ha) [Goldroom Remix]
    05. You (Ha Ha Ha) [Melé Remix]
    06. You (Ha Ha Ha) [MS MR Remix]
    iTunes Festival: Live In London 2012
    1. "Grins" (Live) 
    2. "Nuclear Seasons" (Live) 
    3. "Stay Away" (Live) 
    4. "Lock You Up" (Live) 
    5. "You're the One" (Live)
    6. "Feel My Pain/Set Me Free" (Live)
    7. "Killing Moon" (Live)
    HeartBreaks & EarthQuakes
    Beyond the Black Rainbow [intro]
    01. Champagne Coast - Charli XCX / Blood Orange
    02. How Can I – Charli XCX
    03. Grins - Charli XCX / Blood Diamonds
    The Craft [interlude]
    04. So Far Away - Charli XCX / Paul White
    Kill Bill [interlude]
    05. Dreams Money Can Buy - Charli XCX / Drake / Jai Paul
    Cruel Intentions [interlude]
    06. Lock You Up – Charli XCX
    07. Spoons – Charli XCX / Rudimental
    American Beauty [interlude]
    08. You're The One (Odd Future's The Internet remix feat. Mike G) - Charli XCX
    05. GLOW //BATHS
    True Romance
    (Release Date: 15th April)
    01. Nuclear Seasons
    02. You (Ha Ha Ha)
    03. Take My Hand
    04. Stay Away
    05. Set Me Free
    06. Grins
    07. So Far Away
    08. Cloud Aura
    09. What I Like
    10. Black Roses
    11. You’re The One
    12. How Can I
    13. Lock You Up
    Debut Album 14
    Tracklist Unknown.
    Icona Pop "I Love It" Alex Metric "End Of The World" Daisy Geggus "Another Romantic Situation" Starkey "Lost In Space" Gods Paparazzi "We Do This Everyday" Ocelot "Your Eyes"  
    Live Stuff
    Live At Koko:
    01. You (Live)
    02. Mess (Live)
    DayTrotter Sessions:
    01. Nuclear Seasons (Live)
    02. Stay Away (Live)
    03. Wires (Live Cover)
    Unreleased Stuff:
    Neon Fashion & Glowstix Photography Too Cool I Wanna Be Darth Vader Train In Vain (Feat. Viv Albertine) Dinosaur Sex! Art Beach Emelline I Like You I'll Never Know Princess Song Valentine  
    Unleaked Stuff:
    Album Sampler:
    01. Stay Away
    02. Nuclear Seasons
    03. In The Darkness (You're The One Demo)
    04. Feel My Pain / Set Me Free
    05. You (Demo)
    'Alcoholic' 'Ali' 'Cherry Pie' 'Fruit Salad' 'Jungle (Studio)' 'High Maintenance' 'I'll Teach You a Lesson' 'I Want To Be a Mermaid' 'Ladder' 'Leave Me' 'Live Life' 'Lucy' 'Machines' 'Mauritius' 'Mess (Studio)' 'Nasty French' 'Nothing Too Serious' 'So Much Harder' 'Supermodels and Holiday Stunners' 'Violins' 'Vitality' 'Warrior' 'Watch the Rain' 'Yet Again'
  8. Deleted User liked a post in a topic by Jord in Sky Ferreira   
    I have every single EP, every single single (no pun intended), every snippet too, all the unreleased songs. Everything by Sky is so amazing.
    I discovered Sky with "17" through a Ke$ha Forum, and I really got into her. I started listening to her more and more after AS IF! and I've been addicted since then. She's an obsession of mine and I can't stand any hate, she's definitely one of my favorite artists out there.
    She's perfect.
  9. Jord liked a post in a topic by Deleted User in Sky Ferreira   
    Did I tell you you're amazing?
  10. Jord liked a post in a topic by Deleted User in Sky Ferreira   
    Babyyy, don't be lonely :c
    Let me start by saying I love this girl, ever since I saw "One" when it got released. I've been following her since then. I've got each and every unreleased, each and every snippet, and everything. I just love her.
    I love her, I love the new EP, I love the side she's exploring, I love how she's doing it, I love how she got random attention (when not seeking it, unlike all the other times) with EIE and I love how we're finally getting an album.
    I love the fact that she's been hanging up her fans all along, and because of that, each and every song in Ghost gets a video (which is a total masterpiece).
    My fav. song is Lost in My Bedroom, and I wish she explored that side of music a little bit more (that lo-fi, old but new synthlike shoegaze pop).
    And I hope everything goes well now because the actual sky ferreira seems more solid than the britney spears sky ferreira the label tried to sell us.
  11. Deleted User liked a post in a topic by Jord in Sky Ferreira   
    Yes and I feel good because I feel liked and I'm lonely.
  12. Deleted User liked a post in a topic by Jord in Sky Ferreira   
    Go to HideMyAss, insert the link there and have fun!
  13. Jord liked a post in a topic by Deleted User in Charli XCX   
    You're seriously amazing.
  14. Deleted User liked a post in a topic by Jord in Charli XCX   
  15. Hundred Dollar Bill liked a post in a topic by Deleted User in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    I think Numb would be one, if not my favorite, my favorites tracks, and I wish she could make a whole album with that kind of vibe... So ethereal and heavenly
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