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  1. i do think the fishtail mention was linked to the bayou verse and her being in louisiana, hence the alligator emoji, but a music video to end the ocean blvd era would be nice.
  2. she's announcing her "midwest" vacation number forty one
  3. i'm now convinced those were taken during her free time and she randomly stumbled accross that music video director
  4. catch us watching 3 hours of old men giving speeches for nothing
  5. time to shazam, aha-music and whatnot the hell out of it and tough
  6. i'd avise against taking any logic into consideration when dealing with lana releases. we keep trying to guess what she's doing next and she always does the opposite
  7. she's saving money for the lasso waffle house tour with three cowgirl attires per concert
  8. guys, don't overreact about her being asked about taylor in this particular instance. it's annoying when they use people's interview to discuss other artists, but this wasn't the case here. they were writing an article about taylor, and got people who know/admire her to say a few words, which is a very common practice. lana's 2023 harper's baazar interview had quotes from david lynch, john waters, joan baez... it's just not a big deal lol https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/art-books-music/a45862475/lana-del-rey-interview-2023/
  9. correct me if i'm wrong, but it seems like lana has no concerts scheduled for july, so she might use the time off tour to release something. i'm not expecting anything new while she's traveling
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