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  1. The sweet scent of COCC's in the air, can you guys feel it? It's getting announced today.
  2. when she talks about dealer being a screamer this is where i go to and i cant help but be excited for it
  3. someone on here said they think chemtrails is going to be about that topic she talked about in the interview magazine - she might go out with her friends and stuff like that, but she's still crazy and can't really fit in because of how her mind works. this is why not everything is like what it seems in the country club: despite appearances, she's way different from everyone around her.
  4. as she should! we might tell ourselves hype is dead but we crawl back whenever she does anything
  5. not to be delusional but maybe its not the mv, its the album trailer. technically ben would still be right
  6. the song sounds nice, but the voice and melody are totally not lana's style lol. i have that annoying feeling ive heard it before but cant recall what it is
  7. i do see a three way collab between zella lana and weyes, but with nikki there i dont think it has anything to do w the mv
  8. nikki lane was there too, i dont think she'd feature 3 artists at once? maybe as backing vocals or stuff like that, but not to this extent either
  9. she released two songs on september 2018 and nfr! only came through august 2019, i wouldn't expect this thight of an schedule from her.
  10. well, she did say she was shooting the first video so maybe she meant cocc would be the first professionally filmed one.
  11. lets be honest here she probably thinks the southwest and the midwest are the same thing
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