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  1. Drew is more of an arranger than a bonafide producer. Guess this is still new territory for him and, unfortunately, mishaps happen, so I'm not overhyped for the tracks where he's the main producer. I do agree his piano is the best thing about Beautiful, though lol
  2. The full quote is actually "For the first song, I pressed record and sang, “When I look back, tracing fingertips over plastic bags, I think I wish I could extrapolate some small intention or maybe get your attention for a minute or two.”", so I assume she was talking about Fingertips and meant 'first song' as in 'first song I recorded' rather than the tracklist. Other than that I fully agree with you! She's always been into beat poetry and she seems to have finally found a way to merge it with her music.
  3. idk about apple music but nfr snippets leaked early from another platform
  4. kintsugi has been gathering popularity for some time now and it seems like music has finally caught up to it. last year kpop group lesserafim had it on an album cover while fka twigs wore makeup apparently inspired by it ー seems like a trend
  5. there are already similarities between hope and wild at heart so i hope not (as much as i love both songs)
  6. yeah, didn't he write two of the songs too?? really wonder if he's featured on both
  7. "Glamorous Person Singing about the realities of what we are all now seeing are very prevalent emotionally abusive relationships all around the world" -> GPS from the acronym
  8. once courtney love posted a picture of lana's feet too so not only she's posting them as she's also sending them to her friends. worrying
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