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  1. 2018 is Lana's year • Started off the year with a huge tour • Cherry Video with Chuck on the way • Had the best outfit at the Grammy awards • Singing more unreleased songs live • Still killin the photoshoots • Working On a Musical + a possible new album ( Based on the "Bartender" & "Sylvia" news) • It's only gonna get better
  2. No she didn't cancel that one, the police were tipped off and he didn't make it to the show. But after that, if she were to cancel any shows I could see why.
  3. I agree and also by "let down" I meant by canceling shows. She had every right to cancel out of concern for her safety but chose to keep going because she really loves her fans, so right now she's really trying to muscle through those emotions.
  4. Possibly, entertaining people all day for months could be mentally draining and she probably isn't in the right state of mind after that. She's trying her best not to let anyone down, but we should still consider how she might be feeling when giving a full judgement on the performances.
  5. Lana's capable of a lot, people don't know how versatile her unreleased music was. She did everything.
  6. That Paradise performance had me excited, I'm glad she doesn't forget about those gems. So many good songs.
  7. Paradise & Serial Killer were made for the radio, they didn't completely fit any of the albums but those two would have been certified hits if they were officially released.
  8. https://twitter.com/velvetropic/status/960711844607307777 I saw this Tweet/Thread on twitter, maybe we could all say something even though we're not physically there to have her back. Let's blow it up #TeamDelRey
  9. It's sad to see her down like that, I could really understand since she didn't have any space to herself to process what happened after that concert, she was still thinking about the fans. I wish we could be there to give her some comfort.
  10. Please stay safe during the rest of the tour, you're always in my thoughts ❤️
  11. Yeah I saw that, they had to drag him off.
  12. I think for future precausion there should be security with Lana when she interacts with fans. We don't want to keep worrying about opportunist like this trying to make a move. We already had that unfortunate event with Christina Grimmie in Orlando for just trying meet her fans (Rest her soul). I don't want to see anything like that happen again.
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