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  1. to me it sounds like she literally doesn't know when its coming out idk
  2. omg. I'm so sorry for everyone who didn't get tickets, keep checking the o2 priority page! I managed to get 4 x tickets by booking them 1 at a time thank u gods
  3. S A M E. I think it's ticketmaster, see tickets and another 2 companies. Does anyone know if fhere is better chance using o2 priority over the GA sale even though they are at the same time?
  4. ohhhh my god. I was on at 9:59am and still didn't get any tickets......
  5. OK did anyone get tickets on the presale? It let me log in at 9:59am and it IMMEDIATELY sold out faster than I could click continue...... like literally all sold out in 10 seconds
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