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  1. This video is so weird lol like it's cute but I'll never get over it why was she walking like that 😹
  2. Has anyone been able to purchase (pre-order) the Digital Album on shoplanadelrey? When I go to checkout it says "There are no shipping methods available for your cart or address". I purchased (pre-ordered) the Box Set with no issues so not sure what the problem is Unless they just don't have it set up yet
  3. my bf and I used to love LivePD we were shipping them so hard together D: lol
  4. Neil Krug posted it on his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ6m3uorEI6/ https://www.instagram.com/neilkrug/?hl=en Edit: Spelling and added link
  5. Girl the more I look at her face it doesn't even look like her lmao Edit: Spelling
  6. Does anyone know how to even get music officially on Android anymore? They removed the Google Play Music Store and it directs me to YouTube Music (ew). Looking for Chemtrails pre-order on Amazon but don't see it
  7. Eclipse has early access to YouTube videos so they leak a lot of details beforehand
  8. The way y'all went from wanting to cancel Lana to hoping for a surprise full album drop and dying for Chemtrails in less than 12 hours
  9. idk, it's kinda trendy now to not put the "featured". Gaga and Ariana Grande do it a lot (don't mention that it's a feature) when referring to their collabs on their latest albums, I could see it going either way
  10. Girl lol... this is how pretty much all of Lana's promo singles work. They premiere on a radio show then get uploaded for streaming (and video in this case) after. Will be up for streaming around 7pm uk, 2pm est, 11am pst Annie Mac literally just announced it on BBC Radio 1 that's what we're discussing
  11. Okay so it's at 8:48 it's only like a 10 second snippet "Coming up tonight: Annie Mac's 'the hottest record in the world' is supplied by the incredible Lana Del Rey! Listen tonight at 6." Edit: Thank you @thomasoliver88 for sharing the news! Just wanted to give a direct quote So excited! Edit 2: Spelling
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