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  1. hashtagtylerh

    Melanie Martinez

    oh my bad already posted nevermind. I'm so xcited omg
  2. hashtagtylerh

    Melanie Martinez

    I have no idea the credibility of this but apparently there's 3 songs coming and the other 2 are called Pluto and Powder most likely fake tho https://twitter.com/daremetv_/status/1643244396547043330?t=ypMMmT8jRYb-R5O90Ox_jQ&s=09 edit: was already posted so I assume it's true bc @Coloringbooks said it. can't wait 🦋✨ ️http://lanaboards.com/topic/8111-melanie-martinez/page/1282/?tab=comments#comment-1589069
  3. hashtagtylerh

    Melanie Martinez

    it is real 😭😭 omg it's coming hopefully it's as good as the demo wow Melanie really listened Portals is saved this era is a 10/10 now
  4. hashtagtylerh

    Melanie Martinez

    Spider Web is growing on me 😭 NO ONE CAN LEAVE ONCE THEY MERGE 🕷🕸
  5. hashtagtylerh

    Melanie Martinez

    the transitions are fine in a first listen but imo they really hurt replayability. they should've just been made interludes tbh, idk what Melanie was thinking. but it's fine I just edited them out and made them separate anyways so it works overall I really like Portals I'd give it an 8/10 favs: Death, Void, Tunnel Vision, Light Shower (this is my #1 song idk why you guys hate it), The Contortionist Spider Web could've been amazing with a different chorus the verses are so good idk why they ruined the song like that lol
  6. hashtagtylerh

    Melanie Martinez

    the little explanation clip is so cute I love this alien crybaby character
  7. not to be annoying but can someone give me a recap since release? was the surprise just listening parties and pop ups? and apparently boz said there's tea he can't give us til 2025, what was that in response to? thanks in advance
  8. hashtagtylerh

    Melanie Martinez

    I can't wait 😭 I haven't listened to the LQ recordings because I like all the little things in Melanie's production, so I'm super xcited to hear the full album after I've enjoyed pretty much all the snippets (Spider Web found dead)
  9. hashtagtylerh

    Melanie Martinez

    I'm so xcited for Portals it's insane 😭 can't stop listening to the snippets and the visuals are so gorgeous honestly this era is really artistically inspiring to me I've been writing some poetry anyways I know the general attitude toward Light Shower is negative here but it's so pretty ✨️
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