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  1. If you mean BB tracks being remastered go back one page we discussed it, if you mean NAWWAL and Yosemite then on Spotify they cut the end of NAWWAL wrong or something so at the end of the track there's a second of Yosemite that plays and it sounds weird bc it just repeats the beginning of the song (just a mixing error but it isn't on other platforms so idk what happened)
  2. not there already being 3 different Arcadia versions and remastered BB/TB/WW... hopefully the album has the new versions but idk because vinyls take forever to get pressed they were prob sent a while ago
  3. I really only listen to Lana so I'm excited for this because I likely won't know any of the originals so I can just pretend they're Lana songs lol Doin Time tease
  4. I've finally caught up on everything since Arcadia dropped (I think? Anything else besides BOZ spilling a lot and discussions about music credits?) and I'm really excited. Weird how we are getting conflicting reports about songs being the same/being reworked but I'll be happy either way. Slightly sad about the 2 week delay because it was so close but oh well I'm sure it'll leak ahead of release anyways... not that I want it to, I'm just saying
  5. I'm assuming the streaming version is the more updated/intended one since it seems like the mv was finished a while ago. People also say the album versions of TB and WW sound different but I can't really hear anything upon first listen. Although it's probably true (which is nice bc the mixing was kinda wonky) So weird to me that she does this, she must keep working until the last minute (I mean we already know she does this). I think I like the streaming version more, the trumpets are gorg
  6. there's suspicious zip files on the site, some girlies are downloading now to see if they're legit the interlude is the outro to the Arcadia vid
  7. omg how exciting hope whoever is downloading's computer doesn't explode (I think @House of Balloons? thanks for your sacrifice if so)
  8. LOL I don't know I didn't realize he was dead, I saw another person post the music credits and he was the one listed
  9. I bought the digital album on her store and the email says I'll get the download on Oct. 22nd so yes
  10. blue side profile is UO, smiling is her site exclusive I'm guessing, then Target is unknown
  11. umm... yikes! I could see some people liking it but I manifesting no more features on BB please...
  12. not really just the tracklist leaking along with 2 alternate covers and Lana posted a new snippet but no sis u didn't miss much xo
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