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  1. where are all the Texan LB girls? we need someone to ask Lana about DNC and when the covers/country record is coming. anyways she sounds and look gorgeous and unlike most people on the sub I love Lana+Nikki working together and I especially love Lana's fake country twang lol
  2. are you serious? the difference is obvious lol in the beginning it doesn't have the symbol/snare and there's electric guitars in the pre-chorus
  3. I hear making love but it could be either lol, both make sense. I feel like we'll never know the true answer unless someone asks Lana on live
  4. yes they can, she's saying the person is sweet like rock candy and beaches, it's a simile. like they give her a good time but leave her sandy/messed up after. the song is about a toxic relationship, whoever she's singing about makes her happy but isn't good for her
  5. usually I'm good with acronyms but... what is YBIATR lol I can't think of anything but it's prob obvious
  6. are you trolling or being legit? lol where did you hear the more bass-heavy version? edit: also I'm not asking for a link lol plz don't ban me I'm just trying to figure out if there's really another version out there
  7. it's coming out in 1 hour, the 21st local time midnight so it'll be midnight in NZ. but that website is down so idk how I'll listen lol, need to find a VPN
  8. OMG hi LB family I've been bored all day without you guys... anyways a few hours til release (if it's midnight local time)!!!
  9. If the song gets released earlier than Sunday it's interesting bc wouldn't that imply it's a song released by Lana herself and not through a soundtrack? Unless Euphoria/HBO/whatever will release it early before the episode as some sort of promo which I guess could happen
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