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  1. Esther & Jerry Hicks - Ask and it is given
  2. same.. usually very good at finding links but I cant find anything
  3. I dont want links in my inbox mod note: user was warned for this post
  4. I must say I was a bit dissapointed after reading all of the praise in this thread. That being said it might be a grower.
  5. BTD - Diet mountain dew UV - Fucked My Way Up To The Top, Money Power Glory,Old Money HM - Terrence Loves You, High By The Beach LFL - Lust For Life, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, Tomorrow Never Came,Heroin
  6. surprised to see everyone dislikes different tracks than I do High by the beach Honeymoon Old Money Mariners apartment complex Heroin Diet mtn dew Tomorrow never came Lust for life Beautiful people beautiful problems
  7. I mean I see where Azealia is coming from.. in a way. Lana has every right to defend herself but I think she embaressed herself by stooping to the level of threatening and mocking mental illness. Of course we don't know what happens behind the scenes so.
  8. https://youtu.be/yPgUyinaq_c (how do u post vids here?) Chapel by Niocole Dollanger has the same chords White Mustang
  9. Sometimes people online act as if Lana lusts after sugardaddies to provide for her but she's never sang or said anything that indicates that. She's only used the word daddy but that doesn't mean anything.
  10. Does anyone else hear a slight scarface-y tune in the background of summer bummers chorus??
  11. I looove the synth in the last West Coast chorus. Gives me chills. The piano in the final chorus of God Bless America The haunting organ bridge in Religion. Stargirl, even tho it's short, its memorable. The minimal production, and the outro is kinda trippywith knocks in the background and lana singing higher and higher are awesome The ''white lines and black beaches'' mumbling part in Summer Bummer. Florida kilo's production in general - the warped guitars The synth buzzy outro's in In My Feelings and When the world was at war The tunes - idk how u call it - on the background of the 13 beach chorus The first verse of cherry - especially the bass drop. Video games its outro and the humming cant think of any more rn but i know theres more
  12. Lust For Life - I like the verses but the chorus and especially the weeknd's annoying squeeky voice ruin the song Diet MTN Dew - I hate the intro Burning Desire - dull Beautiful People Beautiful problems - no replay value at all, song goes nowhere High By The Beach - dont like the production and lyrics Lana has a good discography so that's all folks
  13. Video games. I feel different emotions now when listening to it, it's like I finally understand the meaning of the song.
  14. Do the gun shots that are on a couple of LFL tracks have any significance you guys think?
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