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  1. I can’t get over her saying the living legend wawawa was supposed to sound like a sax. Girl it’s an electric guitar end of story
  2. Yeah I don't think Dealer is about G greasy lol
  3. Where can I hear the strings version of beautiful
  4. I’m a tlsp fan so I love Miles and I love dealer but I do wish Lana had a bigger part in it
  5. The way I forget chemtrails exists it should’ve been an EP with the 4 bops it has
  6. The way she was about to say really interesting shit a few times and just stopped mid sentence every time she was gonna go on about being angry at someone in FMWUTTT, she was gonna talk about Hope’s music video, she was gonna answer any heavy question before rob got there, so many times I was left so curious. This was the best live she’s ever done and I think she was more comfortable because less people had access to it since honeymoon is private. I hope she does these more often, it was so interesting and heartwarming I loved it
  7. Good morning to BB welcome to your second day of being one of the greatest
  8. I knew from the second I heard uv that it would be my all time favorite and it still is. Same for honeymoon. Greatness makes itself know immediately
  9. I just know Lana, Rob & chuck were sobbing while recording sweet Carolina
  10. 1. Ultraviolence 2. Honeymoon 3. Blue Banisters 4. Btd/paradise 5. NFR 6, 7 - Chemtrails & Lust for Life, fight amongst yourselves and figure out the order in which you belong If you disagree & wanna talk about it, don’t
  11. wait wtf is under your skin?? I didn’t even know that existed
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