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  1. Care to elaborate? Edit : I read the taste jumped out of the window . I know I had a tough day at work so my mind is playing games🤣
  2. Sad girl chorus is untouchable . 😳 You can't change something that is perfect ! And I agree about Tulsa Jesus freak
  3. Also : the fact that anything from 2013-2014 and 2016-2017 gives me so much dopamine and interest in contrast with her new albums... Don't get me wrong I love chemtrails and blue banisters is brilliant but nothing with beat the soundscapes , her voice and the production from her uv era and her early lfl work . Sorry for expressing myself so bodly regarding her old work but it's really special for me .
  4. After lots of repeats. The videography is amazing. The song is brilliant and the whole vibes are so lana to the core . It makes you question how much Barrie was involved in creating Lana's artistic world. This song - video is like someone opened a window into 2012-2014 . My two cents are that lana should definitely go back to this era and revisit it with solid production and imagery. She needs to clean the dust from the dreamscapes she once created. Maybe Barrie and her can work on a project together because I feel it would be supreme.
  5. Can someone help me ? I remember before the release of chemtrails there was a tracklist with songs like Grenadine quarantine If this is the end I want a boyfriend . I just want to find it and see what the original chemtrails would sound like . Thank you
  6. I don't know what happened but it's embarrassing. The whole album sounds very bad on Spotify with noise and screeching. I only listen the album on YouTube for now until I get my vinyl .
  7. Lana has to continue with this sound. Fight Me.
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