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  1. I don't wish to disrespect the song but damn , the vocal layering is way worse than may jailer early demos.
  2. I've been saying this since I heard the monstrosity that is happiness is a butterfly . He butchered the production to the point where I refuse to hear the song because it hurts my ears.
  3. I took the liberty of adjusting the song to sound richer . Hope you enjoy it.
  4. I KNOW! It's the opposite of polished. It is unpolished . I will personally remaster the album once it is released
  5. Hey guys I already remastered the song to sound as it should and also added the ending vocals. You can find it as cocc correct version on ree .
  6. For me the ending vocals were my favorite part ! It really sucks that the official audio does not have them . Like DAMN!
  7. Where is WHITE HOT FOREVER WHERE IS DEALER I spend the last week with that potato snippet of white hot forever only for it to stay unreleased . And that hideous cover ....
  8. I am so obsessed with the WHF snippet and the guitar riff and so afraid that the album version will be different .
  9. White hot forever / yes to heaven is definitely coming though .
  10. Some detective skills you have! Wow! Yes the second link is definitely various parts of the song mixed around . Fake or not I want this song!
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