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  1. Yeah this is the country we need. And she will integrate lanita vibes in this album.
  2. Since honeymoon she is obsessed with trap beats. I think she will Continue her obsession and give us the bops we deserve. Country surf Trip hop witch Pop is incoming.
  3. I don't give up the dream that barrie is on Board and we get a Sound like that beautiful "i got u babe" cover
  4. I would love it. When she does a full album of fishtail, taco truck and peppers Sound and calls it country
  5. Henry come on starts acoustic and then it changes to a trap anthem
  6. In honeymoon we had only epic defining songs, and now we are thankful to get one epic song.
  7. Her music is always unique. But i don't believe her post'lfl music gives more depth. I think it is time for an soundscape, that let her voice and melodies shine
  8. When she goes in the Western direction, i manifest this Sound for ,"lasso"
  9. When it's country i hope barrie will take part of this album. Prettiest girl in country music would be nice and songs like " if you lie down with me"
  10. I think fishtail and taco truck and a little bit of peppers/A&W give old lana vibes.
  11. First part is not my thing (except her lower voice, i love it) Miley cyrus part is fire. Gimme more of it please!!!!
  12. Thank you for this. I love his songs and will Check out his Album.
  13. Wfwf is one of her best songs. She did it so energetic with low instrumentation. That is a masterpiece. And every time i listen to it i feel this heartbreaking vibes.
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