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  1. This is the moment whe get the hype back!!!! Country is dead. TRAP-LANA is back!!!
  2. Lana is planing something like cherry Demo on lasso. Then sugary sweet reworked and then the quavo banger. Lasso is becoming her best album. I can feel it!!!
  3. This was her best show!!!! I can't get over it. But i miss honeymoon songs
  4. It was stunning, breathtaking, full of magic. I love her.
  5. Is peppers something defining for lasso?? I think she will surprise us completely. I think we get a Banger ballad like born to die as first track and than she kills us with "hands on your knees" Vibes.
  6. I think she will take us on a ride of a psychedelic-trap feverdream. The country of lasso will expressed by distorted Western guitars. We will get her own Interpretation of this Genre and i'm here for it.
  7. She is absolutely on her country trap era. I would like to have quavo on more tracks. The snippet sounds amazing!!!
  8. I think lasso will sound like a mix of mdm and hey blue baby
  9. Could we agree that "off to the races" is country too???
  10. She will do something unexpected. I'm sure she is not over lfl. I could imagine something in the vein of ride and lfl witchy concept with a little country vibe. But i really expect her country sounding like ride. This new Pop country is nothing she would do.
  11. She could do a cohesive rap album and call it country.
  12. Think of all the meltdowns on this board when he's coming back.
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