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  1. still in stock on umusic canada! https://shop.umusic.ca/collections/lana-del-rey/products/ultraviolence-exclusive-alt-cover-coloured-2lp
  2. i'm about to cancel my order from the .es store if anybody wants to keep an eye out on there for them to put that copy back up for sale
  3. no way this website is fr right? like they literally have google plus as a way to share even though it doesn't exist anymore lol https://colourvinylrecords.com/collections/new-releases/products/lana-del-rey-exclusive-colour-vinyl-ultraviolence-2-colour-vinyl?variant=46819943317840
  4. i really wish i had bought it with the 30$ shipping now i'm so mad at myself
  5. i'm going to sit here and refresh this until it comes back in stock i will not move this is my only life purpose now, it's not fair i couldn't even have a bank account when it came out the first time to order it i can't miss it again
  6. i'm so mad 😭 i come home sick from work AND i missed this??? today is not my day lol
  7. i emailed her team last wednesday and they finally got back to me today that my order has been delayed for my lighter and a&w necklace until june 23rd 😭 i ordered my stuff the day it came out from her us store so idk why. is this happening to anyone else?
  8. right so it's 9:35 pm on 5/22/23 right now, and the email i got about my a&w necklace being delayed said it would ship on or before 5/22/23. should i be worried or is everyone else in the same boat?
  9. not the uk but i'm currently being ignored by the us store about the same thing
  10. the rear view shirt is still in my cart and they send me an email every day telling me to complete my order, but if i try to click on it from my cart it says it's not found? im so confused
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