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  1. Really... this is coming from the guy who doesn't like Ride...
  2. Shut up! i live in Santander if you ever comeback for visiting or whatever let me know haha we can go get matching tattoos “santander bitch” or something lol
  3. Lol im from Spain, northern Spain i dont think it works for me haha
  4. I love nfr if I was gonna get it tattooed i think id go for “you fucked me so good that i almost said i love you” it kind of gives me the soft core vibes that revolves around Lana idk
  5. Haha same 💀 Hahah best suggestion so far
  6. love thissss but just to think on all the pain….bc I’d think it should be kind of a BIG tattoo in order to really make some justice for a tattoo like that.. if I wasn’t such a coward I’d probably do it haha
  7. I’ve lately been thinking on getting a Lana related tattoo but don’t really know on what should I get do you have any suggestions? Pls i’d love to see your ideas/suggestions also….. do you have any Lana tattoo’s ? Share your pictures if you do!
  8. Totally agree witness era was just angry katy all the time haha motherhood has softened her idk lol i love both lana and katy tho
  9. I was having second thoughts and then I saw this.. My arms would fall off for even just trying carrying those water gallons like that, anyway Lana ftd
  10. This shouldn’t even be a question it’s obvious Lana would win
  11. Looking 2 Get Fckd Hard


    bedtime stories is perfect in every way, secret, take a bow, bedtime story.. the whole album i mean! its one of those i can listen to without skipping not even one track
  12. Looking 2 Get Fckd Hard


    American Life omg it definitely is one of her best albums it’s so unfair it doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves the lyrics and the music are just amazing but I believe the real and uncensored video for American life (the one with president George w. Bush and all the war scenes footage) is at least part of why everyone cancelled her back in the day i admire and I love her for being so controversial and chaotic her own way but that move was definitely not very smart from her I think music is also one of my favorites & confessions on a dance floor, it’s what it was needed after American life for her to be repositioned and that’s what she did with coadf
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