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  1. I don't know if it has anything to do with this but I have been unable to log in to the forum for about a month. Every time I do it, I have to hit Forgot my password, put the same password and then it lets me in. But it only lets me in for a few minutes because it takes my account out again. Is there any solution for this? I almost don't enter the forum anymore because this is so annoying :(
  2. yall idgaf that we can’t see her eyes, she is giving LOOKS like this an aesthetic fr she’s giving dark coquette born to fucking die, this is THE LANA DEL REY
  3. i love CT makeup i know she’s gonna serve I know it
  4. la otra mujer

    Song vs. Song

    wait for life vs yes to heaven
  5. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t know shit about country and I’m not from USA, but I always felt like Ride has a little country vibe, mixed with alt pop
  6. pls i really hope she serves likes this tomorrow too! she’s gorgeous and i love how black looks on herrr
  7. i think Billie will win SOTY cuz that song became very popular and is ""deep”” to many people honestly i really want lana to win aoty but that seems impossible so i really prefer Olivia Rodrigo to win it tbh I think Taylor already has too many grammys and lets be honest, Midnights isn’t her best
  8. im honestly so tired of Jack tbh. like ok i know they have made some beautiful songs together but she’s been working with him for like…. 5/6 years? i want something new…
  9. im dying why would she post that she's probably dropping a hint to someone but why on her feed lmao she should have just given repost in the stories
  10. I was thinking about how Lana has never dated a celebrity but good for her because that's why almost no one talks about her romantic life and dating, like they do with Taylor Swift or Ariana. even though I've sometimes seen people talking about the men she dates, no one cares because no one knows the guys she dates- idk it would be interesting seeing her with another celebrity the only ones who were famous were G-eazy and James Franco but she didn't even had a serious relationship with them
  11. it’s a song from Migos that was very popular in 2017- Lana has previously said that she is a fan of them
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