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  1. interlude - the trio makes absolutely no sense on BB but i blast it every time it come up on shuffle. it makes me happy
  2. For those that have not actually looked at her flight patterns. Things like this are a regular occurrence.
  3. I know Orville is gay but my mind immediately went to a music video of both of them deeply in love and wearing matching masks while serenading each other
  4. AKA over the summer would kill. Blasting queen of the gas station, smarty, mermaid motel in the car. windows down, wind in my hair
  5. it always feels so performative to me. so many artists, producers, etc shit talk the grammy's every year about how terrible it is and continues to get but still attend year after year. abel is the only artist that comes to mind with any conviction
  6. trap album after Lasso
  7. today it was wild at heart. i love you lots like polka dots youre kil ling me more
  8. I enjoyed listening to Lana on my commute more this morning, after last night's trash decisions, than usual. Was ready to fist fight my coworkers talking down to Lana. When did everyone become so tasteless? Guess theyve always been that way
  9. i was praying for this so hard the entire time she was talking
  10. i know everyone keeps praising taylor for bringing lana up but like, i would have been so incredibly embarrassed. having an album thats critically acclaimed across the board, one of the most beautifully written and performed songs ever made, and then being made to sit in the front row and snubbed FIVE times in the same night. then youre on stage with everyone watching you, knowing that you got snubbed, while your friend accepts the award right in front of you. im sure shes happy for taylor but come on. it hurts
  11. i love that 2 hours ago everyone was fighting because there was too much hate. now everyone is fucking livid and going off about everything. love yall
  12. they never close up on lana because she'd probably flip off the camera
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