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  1. I’m considering getting it. Are you able to modify the scrobbles on mobile as well?
  2. Rick this Rick that, as if he didn’t serve us muffled vocals every time, with a touch of Kieron’s cheap beats more often than not.
  3. Look at those margarit-ta-tas
  4. Omg thank you sis, I finally follow her
  5. Has she posted anything about it? I don’t have access to the honeymoon account 😔
  6. That migos collab better not happen for the love of God
  7. I haven’t received any of my three vinyl yet
  8. When I think about lost potential, my mind goes to: Freak: muffled vocals, awful drowned bass. Rick Nowels and Kieron can’t produce a trap inspired record for their life. Tulsa Jesus Freak: I love the song but it could have been a 10/10 for me if it had bass, it needed that extra punch. Sad Girl: I’ve come to love this song but I think it would have been a staple Lana song if the chorus was different because the production is really stellar.
  9. alexandro

    Charli XCX

    The way she ate up Selena and the other girl in the rare and the middle demos, whew
  10. I loved BB but I hope for the next record she steps it up a bit in the production department. I’d love to hear something with multiple instruments like Music To Watch Boys To. I’d honestly be here for Rick’s comeback if and only if: 1. He used clear vocal production (I hate the muffled vocal production in several honeymoon tracks and on BPBP). 2. He used clear production overall (no muffled Freak like bass and no ugly synth like sounds from the 13 Beaches chorus)
  11. alexandro

    Kali Uchis

    I need to get the sin miedo RSD vinyl 🙏🏽 I hope it comes to my local vinyl store (same with COCC)
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