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  1. Guy

    Spell your name funny

    Spell your name normally: guy Spell it backwards: guy Spell it with your Elbow: guy Spell it with your eyes shut: guy Spell it with your forehead: gorgeous Spell it with your chin funny Your foot: beautiful wow. i am amazed by how talented i am
  2. Guy

    FKA twigs

    lights on is my jam yo, this album is sexy af
  3. if you watch it on mute you can pretend its tmz and they caught lana going for a hike
  4. Guy

    FKA twigs

    LP1 ! omg downloadin rite now get dose tumblr notez twiggy so so amazing, i also like ultraviolet now
  5. Guy

    FKA twigs

    1- omg i love her just went on a listening spree and water me/two weeks/weak spot are so good! I feel so dirty listening to ws with my earbuds in public 2- i cant seem to get into papi pacify which is a shame bc everyone seems to love it so much feelin: left out 3- I WANT VIDEO INTERVIEWS!!! And also her new album
  6. Guy

    Perfume Genius

    no family is safe when i sashay also ive been listening to mr peterson non stop and crying bc the last verse fuckin kILLs me
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