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LA Who Am I To Love You

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10 hours ago, RormanNockwell said:

The book version is slightly different to the spoken version (again, spoiler, because I know most people don't have it yet)

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Instead of:

The city not quite awake, the city not quite asleep
The city that's still deciding how good it can be


The city not quite awake

The city not quite asleep

The city that's something else - something in between

The city that's still deciding

How good it should be


And instead of:

Not you at your worst
Totally on fire, unlivable, unbreathable, I need you
You see, I have no mother


Not you at your worst-

Totally on fire, unlivable, unbreathable

I don't deserve you at all

You see - you have a mother




Those last two lines are so sad

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“Took a freeride off a billionaire's jet“


The guy in the middle is a famous billionaire who was friends w her dad and they took a ride on his private jet. May be a reference to it! 

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34 minutes ago, wildflowerwildfire said:

anyone know why VBBOTG was released on spotify at first but then after a while it was taken down? 

I’m assuming promo for the project. Then once it released they must’ve had contacts with audio book companies that only allowed it on their platforms since it is indeed an audio book so they removed it. 

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