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Bonnie McKee

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Just now, lanasugarysweet444 said:

I love Bonnie omg

Can't believe I'm listening to SLAY after 9 months begging to release 

This is truly a moment for us long time Bonnie fans :oprah:


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okay now that an official project is coming i need a reimagined 2023 version for American Girl & I Don't Care

@WHORE OF TROPICO   ⇨   @SALVAWHORE             

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Bring Me That Horizon — ianime0: Pokemon XY | Eevee Dancing


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BONNIE MCKEE WAS at one of the lowest, darkest moments of her life when she had a validating experience with Lana Del Rey. The singer approached her at a party in 2019 and held up her phone to show what she had been listening to on her way there: McKee’s 2015 song “Bombastic.” McKee was shocked that Del Rey even remembered who she was; they had only met once at a Coachella party years prior.

They exchanged phone numbers that night and spoke on the phone days later. Del Rey said she was a fan of McKee, the songwriting mastermind who has written music for people like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Kesha. Del Rey also asked McKee about her YouTube series, where she used to chronicle her journey trying to break through as a pop star around 2013. 

“I think that you should go back to being a redhead,” Del Rey told her during their call. (McKee had already made an appointment to do exactly that.) “Having someone that I respect so much just fall out of the sky and tell me exactly what I needed to hear was a God moment,” she tells Rolling Stone. “Lana is a guardian angel to me.”

At that time, McKee was focused on songwriting after being dropped as an artist by Epic Records six years prior. She had released some singles and her Bombastic EP since then, but her artist project was mostly behind her. When she met Del Rey, she had also just ended “a really toxic relationship” with someone who constantly told her she was “foolish” to think she could start her artist career again. He’d say she needed to get her priorities straight and dismiss her dreams of being an artist: “When somebody tells you something over and over again, you start to believe them.”


Full: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/bonnie-mckee-interview-songwriter-talks-comeback-hot-city-katy-perry-1234778929/


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4 minutes ago, Glitter Boy said:

We have music video!! Welp it's unlisted but idk why. Anyways, she's absolutely MOTHERING



I think Rolling Stone get exclusivity for the first 24h

I'm so happy this is finally out :trisha:


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