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Honeymoon - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll


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  1. 1. What are your favourite tracks from Honeymoon?

    • Honeymoon
    • Music to Watch Boys to
    • Terrence Loves You
    • God Knows I Tried
    • High by the Beach
    • Freak
    • Art Deco
    • Burnt Norton
    • Religion
    • Salvatore
    • The Blackest Day
    • 24
    • Swan Song
    • Don't Let Me be Misunderstood

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I've listened to Salvatore compulsively on a loop for the past 3h I can't get over it it feels like an umbilical cord bonds me to it. I'm so fucking happy because I had a feeling it would be my fav and it is. I can't describe the vibe of it I don't know if it's happy or sad or nostalgic or melancholic, the rhythm lulls me and there is a universe of references that rush in my head when the chorus starts, my favourite part is when she first say limousines in the first chorus. It feels like meeting an old friend again, as if this song was always meant to be created. The energy of it is extremely peculiar, it's dark it's sarcastic it's empowering as hell, it's poetic, it's everything I ever longed for, it's extremely beautiful, it's an immense masterpiece


Edit: I can't stop talking about it, I want to add that the production is absolutely flawless and that it depicts exactly the kind of vibe I would love to have at the very end of my wedding party, when'll I'll be alone with my SO in my wedding dress, at 5am, alone in the world in the dark, slowly dancing while this song explodes in the background, it makes me so happy :(


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My Ranking:



1. God Knows I Tried

2. Terrence Loves You

3. The Blackest Day

4. High By The Beach

5. Art Deco

6. Burnt Narton

7. Freak



8. Music To Watch Boys To

9. Swan Song



10. Religion

11. Salvatore



12. 24

13. Honeymoon



14. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood


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i'm so excited for my vinyl to come. i looked everywhere today, to see if anyone has put it out early, but naaahhhh.


has anyone gotten shipment mails from Lana's european store? :crying:


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I posted this in the other thread but does anyone hear similar strings to Honeymoon during some parts of DLMBM?


Either way, I'm dead, bald, buried, rotting, resurrected, and then butchered with a machete. 


The only songs I'm having trouble getting into are Religion and Swan Song... :(

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people have them!


heres the cd, its a jewel case (was hoping for a digipak though)


i really hope she continues the pattern of releasing the standard cd in a jewel case and boxset cd a digipak like she did for paradise edition & uv



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I couldn't respectfully disagree more. I think the lyrics of HM are so much more powerful and empowering than BTD's one. I think it's also because I grew up, and I now much more relate to the mature lyrics of HM than the cheesy-in-a-good-way lyrics of BTD. It's not the same themes at all either, and it's really an unpopular opinion but I'm truly delighted by Lana's writing on this album. BTD has some gems of writing, VG BJ OTTR, but this album's writing quality is much more cohesive imho, as a whole, which is peculiar to this particular album. I most definitely understand your view on BTD though, even though I personally don't share it as I prefer Honeymoon :) Glad this is the direction this thread is going, thank you!

I feel like the themes are more mature and everything, and more cohesive(which i do really enjoy) but more repetitive and less diverse. there is a complexity missing. most of the songs on born to die had 2-3 demos or w/e. where she would add bridges, delete bridges, change lyrics, change tempos, instruments, until she had a solid album of material. she took a few more years on those demos and songs and really worked them to their full potential(dark paradise has like 2 crazy different demos, that live version with a weird prechorus, and then the final clean version, we see her layers of work) where honeymoon was probably written in about a year, MAYBE one demo per song. it kinda shows she didnt take the time to really edit lyrics or tempo or instruments and stuff. there are a bunch of songs on honeymoon that are so beautiful but could be beefed up for sure. I feel the same way about UV. She also keeps rhyming you and blue and choose and stuff which kinda annoys me. But I do appreciate how mature her sound has gotten, she just needs to beef a few things up, then pause and edit, then beef it up again. 

i am the queen of the universe. the waves part, and they engulf me, and the water is warm.   



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Since Freak and Art Deco are gapless, I really hope we get a short film for the two of them together.... can you imagine? that would literally destroy me


dat transition doe


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