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  1. I’m really excited for Blue Banisters. I bet it’s gonna be another beautifully unique and deeply feminine album as usual. I always feel giddy waiting for a new Lana album (which is luckily nonstop)
  2. Okay we get it, y’all hate Jack and will probably hate Mike for no reason too eventually
  3. We need to get a Scorpio in on this and complete this creative trio!
  4. I’m currently reading On Her Knees: Memoir of a Prayerful Jezebel by Brenda Marie Davies. It just arrived in the mail yesterday and I’m already zooming through it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone here, especially anyone who’s had a complicated history with religion.
  5. You do realize Lana’s early music was more similar to Joni Mitchell than her more recent music, right? Joni Mitchell made experimental jazz music. Compare Lana’s recent stuff to Joan Baez or Carole King, sure, but Joni Mitchell? Lana’s past few albums have actually been moving further and further away from Joni Mitchell territory. If you’re looking for Lana’s “leftover Joni Mitchell attempts,” AKA and BTD are right there.
  6. If this is still a revenge album, I want this kinda vibe idk
  7. This album sonically gives me such strong Twin Peaks vibes, like moreso than any of her other albums. I can’t wait for the instrumentals to leak someday.
  8. Maybe you can’t dance/cry/smoke/drive to it, but that’s a you problem maybe you’re just boring
  9. Double single showing two opposite sides of her artistry/personality to commemorate QFTC? Yes please!
  10. That’ll be pretty close to the anniversary of QFTC, which would be quite fitting.
  11. Based on when the Interview mag & video came out and her typing up and reciting her poetry in the video, I think it was always supposed to promote Violet not Chemtrails.
  12. I’d assume the pressings could go ahead before an album title or cover is fully decided since the sleeves probably don’t take as long to manufacture as the vinyls themselves. But idk honestly. Just assuming here.
  13. Maybe she recorded some old covers that she relates to very personally and re-recorded a few really personal unreleased songs and wrote a few new songs and arranged them all in an order that truly tells her story. Idk.
  14. If “rock candy sweet” is just a lyric, I’m convinced it’ll be a direct reference to Big Rock Candy Mountain. Maybe about how the paradise she imagined and searched for never really existed. It would make sense, especially within a song directed at the critics and how they treated her.
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