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  1. Maybe Rock Candy Sweet will be the COCC Paradise Edition and btw I love me some candy sweet COCC paradise
  2. How on earth can you actually break your arm skating when you have a body double doing the skating for you?
  3. That is so weird cause where I am they're not
  4. There is nothing in the Post Office, right?
  5. Based on the fact that she feels a need to have a body double skating for her in the WD vid, here's my prediction: She won't get on stage like this, no more live Lana!
  6. I have a feeling you might be correct and I don't like it at all. She should be workin' w/ Kendrick Lamar. That'd take her out of her comfort zone, which is exactly what she needs at this point in her career or it's gonna be downhill from here.
  7. Queen of the garden center and making ice tea, it's really shocking!
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