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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibvUB2dFsHw
  2. #oldschoolfanwarning 1. Paradise - while it's not a perfect release, any album with Ride, Gods & Monsters, Cola, Body Electric is gonna top my list. I wish she had included a few more songs of the era (Y&B etc) to make it a proper album and not just a BTD side-piece. 2. Ultraviolence - Probably her best proper album. No skippable songs. 3. Honeymoon - Although the songwriting might be one notch below UV, the production is probably my favorite of her career. 4. Born to Die - uneven, but the highlights are still some of her best songs. 5. Lust for Life - also very uneven, but with a couple highlights (in my feelings, heroin) 6. Norman Fucking Rockwell - i'm not a fan of how this record sounds over-all, but there's a few highlights for me (fiily, the greatest, title-track) 7. Chemtrails - She was really losing me on this record. A couple highlights, but I haven't gone back to the album since the first month it came out. 8. DYKTTATUOB - Listened to it once and haven't re-listened. It's sad to see my connection with her music dying on the vine. 9. Blue Banisters - Listened once the day it came out, never listened again.
  3. not sure if there's another thread for this... but just saw this 4/5 star review: https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/lana-del-rey-ocean-blvd-album-review/
  4. - ride - born to die - honeymoon - cruel world - nfr - white dress - love - the grants - text book had to relisten to text book for the first time since that album came out. unless the rest of Ocean Blvd is really good and requires full album listens, i have a feeling the grants is not gonna get any more plays from me. but these top 4 i could listen to all day every day.
  5. Courtney Love: “Lana and Kurt are the Only Two True Musical Geniuses I’ve Ever Known” https://www.stereogum.com/2209187/courtney-love-lana-del-rey-nirvana-brad-pitt/news/
  6. I never thought Lana and Chuck looked much alike, but I see a lot of Chuck in this one, I thought it was her the first time I saw it.
  7. finally picking up the pink vinyl for bandcampfriday today https://shanetutmarc.bandcamp.com/album/televangelist-3
  8. Not a ton of thought went into this - just 20 movies that I love that popped in my head. 1. Vertigo 2. Double indemnity 3. Amadeus 4. Adaptation 5. Back to the Future 6. Rear Window 7. Memento 8. Edward Scissorhands 9. True Romance 10. Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life 11. Sunset Boulevard 12. Sin City 13. Magnolia 14. Wild At Heart 15. The Shining 16. The Apartment 17. Citizen Kane 18. Boogie Nights 19. Touch of Evil 20. The Game
  9. I probably have done this before, seeing that the thread goes back 4 years. But I'm a sucker for a list, and she's recently released new music that needs to be added (to the bottom of the list) 1. Paradise 2. Honeymoon 3. Ultraviolence 4. Born to Die 5. Lust for Life 6. NFR 7, Chemtrails 8. Blue Banisters
  10. this whole album is so good. It definitely helped me deal with chemtrails not being it.
  11. Yeah, that and her sudden flurry of posts just before her SM exodus video make me think it was a very sudden decision. Not planned out at all. Like many people have said before, why not just take a personal break from SM, why delete the accounts ??‍♂️
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