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  1. Lad


    Watch a witchy lyrics thread
  2. It’s funny how this witchy outfit pressed some nerves on here
  3. We’re all supposed to be in isolation at this point. I’m sure she meant social distancing
  4. No Emma no ratings. There’s a reason why 1984 is the most acclaimed season
  5. It’s been known information Lana was bald in 2012 and wigs were her only way to serve hair
  6. Keep her under wraps we don’t want it
  7. Cola, Sad Girl, Ultraviolence, Norman fucking Rockwell... imagine how tired we are.
  8. Not HBTB, Doin’ Time and Summertime Sadness all going in the same batch..
  9. You are all insane Life is Beautiful sucks Omg and Religion can’t be out already a nightmare literally a nightmare
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