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  1. And it looks like COCC is also to be an extension of NFR, but she has enough material that she doesn't need to release it as a re-release of NFR.
  2. Ugh the hate for jack is so freaking boring. So what if COCC is similar to NFR. Paradise was still in the realm of BTD. I would have much preferred LFL to sound much more like Honeymoon than it did. As someone who loves NFR and its production to death, I can't wait for more with a slightly evolved sound. It's so boring hearing the entirety of COCC being judged on LMLYLAW. THat's like judging the whole of NFR's sound on Hope, or LFLs sound on Change, HMs sound on Honeymoon, UVs sound on Old Money and BTDs sound on Video Games.
  3. So... NFR has become my favourite album of all time. Anyone else? It's just sooo good. I just listen to it end to end over and over.
  4. I loveeeeddddd the last Apple performance she did. I was watching live and it was so exciting to hear a new song!
  5. I desperately don't want any collaborations on COCC but this Florence slander is just wrong.
  6. Look, I firmly believe she owes us nothing, but come on announcing the album, giving a date, letting a false date (Well month) be published in a magazine and not acknowledging any of it with a "oh hey the September 5th date isn't correct" or something is just frustrating beyond belief.
  7. ugh pleaseeee no covers :'( (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood is the worst thing that happened to Honeymoon IMHO)
  8. My mind is blown. I've been listening to Violet on Audible which is pretty lo-fi and I just assumed that was how it was recorded, but I happened to listen to it on YouTube and its SO HIGH QUALITY! I'm so excited for my CD copy so I can have it in full quality!!!
  9. Ugh yeah people whined about NFR being a 'boring piano album' and when it came it it turned out that literally only 3 songs were piano driven.
  10. Ummmm Yes to DLMBM because it sucks and Swan Song is the perfect album closer but MTWBT is a masterpiece
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