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  1. i played hella roblox in middle school and one of the girls i played with was a huge lana stan and would play lana songs on our building server and i really liked the sound of her ~2010 bubblegum pop type shit so i checked her out and spiraled into becoming a stan she is also the reason i joined this site fun fact
  2. i hate enigma so much it's unreal
  3. thank you everyone for reminding me of this masterpiece
  4. this is a lawless land sorry to break the news
  5. it almost makes me think the album was destined to be a mess. some of the tracks go together but like there's two distinct but conflicting sonic concepts. also very interested which of those two sounds her cactus cover had
  6. omg @@wahyun give umru his laptop back wtf
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEXbHKAuHSg ok but imagine this sound for WHF..... what NFR! should've been
  8. i had these two fucking bonkers WHF album cover ideas that i never properly drew out as part of my nearly scrapped whf concept blog post i really should get around to doing that
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