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  1. lauradelxx

    Britney Spears

  2. I've been trying click remove picture, I've tried to use internet explorer, I've trying using less than 100x100 not working for me ughhhhh
  3. Oh damn I'm proud of Lana that she put her foot down now we have ultraviolence thank god
  4. she walked out of the room and into the studio where she wrote a song about this experience and called it "sonic monster"
  5. The best thing I've ever experienced and witnessed
  6. I swear on my life I was looking at the comments maybe she deleted them but there was this one where a comment was in russian and she gave a link to preorder uv I was curious as to what it was and I put it in google translate and what the guy wrote was an insult she's the best I can't wait until she curses someone out again.
  7. Idk but I love this cover regardless where it came from lol
  8. if you look under shades of cool comments in a couple of the negative yt responses she gives them a link to pre order Ultraviolence on Itunes I can't find it now but I saw it and I cracked the fuck up this queen of ours.
  9. I literally don't see how Lana is "glamorizing" death at this present moment. Yes, she's been quoted in interviews and has an album called Ultraviolence where death is brought up but in the end who cares? She's not singing songs telling people to jump off buildings and she's not having performances where she drinks cyanide so what is the big deal? I understand someone like Frances because of her father and his suicide and tbh people do glamourize his death a LOT they make it seem like it was poetry when in reality he had demons that won. I think the same way as Lana. Growing up my mother told me about Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Natalie Wood, River Phoenix, Judy Garland, etc. and they are all timeless icons. There is something about dying young but not in a way that I can really describe. It's more of a youth complex and the fact that they are frozen in time and never deteriorated in the publics eyes. Frances is right that people shouldn't glamourize death I completely agree but she shouldn't have done it that way. Who cares though shit happens and things are cleared up.
  10. blake this is your moment to shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no but I liked barrie though whatever happens he was a cool guy...thought he made her happy and I apparently was wrong. I can relate.
  11. No surprise! I knew Lana would be #1 I'm just glad that she gets to have this moment
  12. I think this is my favorite song off of uv I cried when I first heard it it's everything that I expected it to be, amazing.
  13. oh my god I just noticed this it makes me love the vid even more sleeping beauty is my favorite movie
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