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  1. I think it’s edgy to have the cast on the photoshoot, Idk it kinda look badass ahaha. Maybe I’m weird but I kinda live for it.
  2. Gurl... I think they just doing it for clout. It’s impossibile that people are receiving things 6 weeks in advance... like why the stores would be shipping only a few copies by mistake that early? It’s 1 month and a half early. Too much
  3. I’m the only one who likes the sweatshirt? Lol I love black sweatshirts with a white writing on it. Plus it’s Lana’s one so I thing I’ll buy it. The bundle with the cassette
  4. Eclipse on his Twitter account @ ultrasubversive, wrote a tweet saying: When Lana delays COCC due to "rising tensions over at Washington and her responsibility as a US citizen" . Like why put the quotations mark? Is a thing she actually said?
  5. This is the new “ I’m gonna put out an album of my favourite unreleased songs”
  6. I don’t know if someone already mentioned it but she is singing “contemplating God under the chemtrails over the Country Club”
  7. So... what was the point about this performance? There wasn’t an announcement, there wasn’t a song to promote because let’s be real lmlylaw isn’t a song to promote, it was a pre recorded live so it wasn’t really even a true live performance. What was the reason behind this?
  8. I just don’t get the point of promoting a song that’s been out for months
  9. What have I missed? Did Eclipse say something?
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