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  1. RIP This is so sad, imagine going to a concert to see your fave with the mentality of having fun and a good time, and this happens. How can people be so insensitive here, this could be you or anyone else. What happened in SK in the halloween event was something similar to this, so many people died. I'm never going out again, unless I'm sure is somewhere very safe.
  2. I remember her saying that and umm... yeah awkward... I got so excited when she described adiaml as rock, after I actually listened to it and got very disappointed but still liked it ig. ADIAML is just pop with some rock elements she has done that before like with Forget
  3. Omg yes, imagine her doing metal pop. Give me a female rage concept, drag me to the mud. Yeah, jazz/blues would suit her voice so much. Surprises me she hasn't really done anything like it before.
  4. Yes, I agree I've been waiting for an alternative turn for years Give me a mix of alternative/pop/art rock
  5. Can I get EVOL and Buy The Stars in spotify?
  6. Yes please a halloween special is all I've been waiting for from her. She better deliver quality!
  7. I'm here for a deluxe, the more the merrier.
  8. This woman is so talented and beautiful ugh. The orange suits her so well.
  9. I wasn't talking about her tho. It’s a shame he cheated and destroyed their relationship, that's what I meant. I agree with all you said 100%, but I was not implying it’s a shame they broke up. The guy is a scumbag and I'm very happy she's better now without him.
  10. Maybe you have to give it a few more listens. I've been listening since the leak and many songs actually grew on me because I didn't like them. So that's why she says he fucked it up in another lyric. It all points to that tbh. It's such a shame cause they were together for so long.
  11. Bloody Valentine


    Forget all the tears that you cried, it’s over (over, over) It’s a new state of mind Are you coming, my baby?
  12. Bloody Valentine


    Omg is true, they sound so much alike. Fuck Jack.
  13. -Ancient Dreams In a Modern Land: 9.5/10 This song is everything I wanted from her. It's a combination of everything I loved from TFJ and FROOT. The lyrics are pretty good too and I relate to them which is a huge plus for me. Also very good starter, gets you in the mood for the album. -Venus Fly Trap: 10/10 Flawless. I love everything in this song. The production is immaculate, took me back in time and I feel like I'm in the EH era again but with a newly fresh sound. The lyrics make me feel like a bad bitch and I'm so here for it. The new Bubblegum Bitch for sure. Perfect song before work, I put it on the car and let's go, ready to fight a bitch at my service customer work. -Man's World 7/10 I don't really know if I love or hate this song tbh. Feels a little forgettable ngl. The production is cute but there isn't much going on, it could be better. Lyrics are okay ig, I have no complaints there. -Purge The Poison 8/10 I like it, another song I use before and after a my full time work turn. The lyrics are very messy but I understand the purpose behind it. The production is also very messy but I kinda like that lol. Overall, pretty good song and very addictive. -Highly Emotional People 8/10 Her voice is a standout in this song. It's soft, sweet and full of emotion, it sends a message. My only problem is that it kinda gets repetitive but still the lyrics are very relatable so I like it a lot. -New America 6/10 The lyrics are the only thing I actually like in this song. The production is kinda meh, I forget it exists in the album and sometimes feel like skipping it. Maybe it will grow on me, let's wait and see. -Pandora's Box 6/10 Again, love the lyrics but not getting much of the production. Repetitive and boring but the lyrics it's was holding this song together. Her voice sounds amazing here tho, can't wait to hear it live. -I Love You But I Love Me More: 9/10 One of my favorites in the album. This fucking song has been on repeat all day, the sassy tone in the lyrics and the bitterness after an awful break up with an asshole. I know it too well, I feel the pain but also the power you always get after breaking up and the feeling of freedom. Production wise, so good feels out of FROOT. -Flowers: 7/10 This one is a grower, after a few listens I'm loving it. Lyrics are so well written, you can feel the sadness through the melody and her voice. -Goodbye: 8/10 Pretty good ending. I got so many emotions after listening to this. Hoping she sings this live while playing the piano, I would cry if she does it. Gonna use this song for every future break up. When she sings "I will never be yours again", I really felt that.
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