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  1. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    Took longer than I had hoped but my copy finally arrived today!! Sculpture is the original one, TT is the one that leaked earlier with the repeating cymbal and weird vocal mixing.
  2. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    My vinyl arrived today to the customs office, I paid the taxes and what not so I hope it's forwarded to me tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. I'll update as soon as I get to play it unless someone else is able to do so before me
  3. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    I never liked TT in the first place so I'm indifferent to the vinyl version. Sculpture however Edit: I just listened to the end and the way it just cuts off??? I doubt it's real tbh, wish I would get my vinyl already
  4. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    Nah, more likely because it's a fan favourite and her personal favourite... I doubt anyone from tiktok would've bought tickets to see the digital show only to hear Bitch
  5. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    the servitude that was cape god digital concert... a lil short but it was Good
  6. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    Still find it funny that TMTD is on CXI and Sculpture is on CXII. And Glam in the middle of CXI.
  7. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    The ticket is free when you order a bundle, I just ordered the CLX I+II ticket bundle and the ticket price was discounted.
  8. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

  9. Go Go Dancer

    Kylie Minogue

    Then you're not gonna be pleased to find out he co-wrote three more songs on Disco lmao
  10. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    how is the misbelieving leak different from the one we had? or is it just a better quality?
  11. Go Go Dancer

    Allie X

    Yeah lol mine arrived today and it's not signed either.... did anybody here get theirs signed?
  12. Go Go Dancer


    1. Erotica 2. Confessions on a Dance Floor 3. Madonna 4. American Life 5. Madame X 6. Ray of Light 7. Bedtime Stories 8. Like A Virgin 9. True Blue 10. Like A Prayer 11. MDNA 12. Rebel Heart 13. Music 14. Hard Candy
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